oh so precious...

Sharing a love for upscale accessories, Angelina Jolie and daughter Zahara, 2, step out in matching mommy-and-me Valentino "Histoire" handbags during a trip to a New York City park on Friday.

Can we say FIERCE....

I love Nicole.... her style is FIERCE...

Her she is five-months pregnant Nicole Richie showing off her maternity style in Roberto Cavalli at the Fashion Rocks Concert.

Valentino retires...

Celebrating his 45th Anniversary in Rome this July with a blow-out-weekend of events — (A gala at the Temple of Venus one night! Fireworks set off from the Colosseum the next!) — Valentino admitted, “It was a moment that will be impossible to repeat.” And so, despite pleas from anxious fashionistas around the globe, Valentino announced his retirement on Tuesday. “At this time, I have decided that is the perfect moment to say adieu to the world of fashion,” the designer, 74, said in a statement released to PEOPLE. “As the English say, I would like to leave the party when it is still full.” The couturier, who has dressed everyone from Sophia Loren to Julia Roberts, will design one last ready-to-wear collection, to be shown during Paris fashion week in October, and a final haute couture collection, scheduled for January. The label will continue under new design leadership. No doubt Valentino’s retirement will be a source of grief for many red carpet stars. “I want him to continue designing for 100 more years!” Anne Hathaway told PEOPLE during the festivities in Rome in July, calling his clothes, “elegant, whimsical and very powerful.” Uma Thurman agreed, telling PEOPLE that “when I wear his clothes, I feel privileged.” So, incidentally, did Valentino. “I have been very lucky to be able to do what I have loved all my life,” he said. “There can be few greater gifts than that.”

Murakami x Louis Vuitton x MoCA Preview

Yes, the rumors are true. It has been officially confirmed that a corporate LOUIS VUITTON shop will be situated in the middle of TAKASHI MURAKAMI’s forthcoming retrospective exhibit at LA’s MoCA (Oct 29—Feb 11), the appropriately named “Murakami.” The shop will offer limited-edition handbags and small leather goods featuring Murakami designs including the ones shown after the jump at prices ranging from $875 to $920. Unlike the last series of Louis Vuitton x Murakami handbags, LV has guaranteed that enough merchandise will be produced to last the duration of the exhibit. Via Supertouch

Can you believe another fashion season is underway? Well, If you’re like me and won’t be able to sneak into the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 08 show, the ultra-cool French boutique Colette will be exclusively launching the new Loic Prigent documentary tommorrow, perfect for the fashionista who isn’t going to be able to make it to New York this year. Here is an article from Elle.com that explains what will be featured in the new fashion doc.

Sourced from Elle.com

Few luxury goods companies have a past as rich as Louis Vuitton—153 years in business, the most counterfeited bags in fashion history, and a recent endorsement from none other than Mikhail Gorbachev. But as far as many fashion insiders are concerned, the most interesting chapters are still being written—by Marc Jacobs, the artistic director that created their ready-to-wear line and took the brand beyond lustworthy luggage. The new documentary Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, which has just arrived on shelves at Colette in Paris and will hit the U.S. September 5 (although we’ve spotted a few copies on eBay already), takes viewers inside the long-vaulted doors of Louis Vuitton. The film was directed by Loïc Prigent, who also created the documentary Signe Chanel, and shows every aspect of the design process, from the financial decisions to Jacobs’s often hilarious monologues, as well as accolades from his usual cheering section, including Anna Wintour and Sofia Coppola.

King and Queen of Hip Hop

Happy birthday Bey... I LOVE Bey's clothing game - the girl simply the snazziest chick on the block. Only can she pull of looking sexy at a local Los Angeles drug store. High - waist shorts & Louboutin mules are a sure fire way to bring fourth the paparazzi. Jay - Z obviously knows that Beyonce is on top of her A-game. Work it B.....simply work it!!!

Shopping in the NYC

This is what Ashley Olsen wore while shopping in NYC yesterday. It was freaking 80 degrees but I am not hating cause I do stuff like that ALL the time. I Love her glasses. She is in town for NY fashion week that kicks off tonight

That Extra Half An Inch....

Victoria Beckham's book of fashion and style tips, titled “That Extra Half an Inch,” is heading for the U.S. and in VB's word that is so MARJYA!!! I love VB style. She is always put together and never looks flawless. You can tell she has no stylist. I’m keen to learn a thing or two from this style diva. The U.S. edition of the book is out now. It's divided into sections such as jeans, tops, dresses and accessories. However, I don’t know if she’ll substitute the English retailers she suggests with American brands. I know this book isn’t groundbreaking but for the fashion junkies out there this is another one to add to the collection… and we all need that extra half inch. I am headed to Barnes and Nobles as we speak to purchase....

My Purse II

Okay... I decided that I would do a purse entry today. And I choose my Chloe purse. I got this for my birthday this year. Let's look see what I have in the purse today....


  1. Chloe purse
  2. Lancome make-up bag
  3. Checks
  4. Gucci Waller
  5. Volvo car keys
  6. peppermints
  7. Iphone
  8. Composition Notebook
That is my purse and what I have in it. It's the first week of school so the content is low, but trust when the classes pick up my purse will go into serious work... carrying my books, regular content, notebooks, and other junk like stickies and LOTS of pens!!!!!

Rumors are roaring again....

Okay... every couple months it seems the rumors start pouring that Ms. Halle Berry is pregant. But I personally believe that she aint pregg. She just likes wearing flowing dresses and sandals when she is out. That is her singature look. Here is a couple of pictures of her at the IVY with friends... oh yeah check out the YSL purse

Disappearing act....

Poor... Viv and her hair line. After several years of tight pony tails, lace fronts and everything else she has done to her hair now her hair is gone. These are pictures of her out eating with some friends.

Kim in King Mag.

Kim Kardashiam in Complex mag. Her first cover

Curvaceous Kim Kardashian is speaking out against all the haters who are implying that her butt is merely an optical illusion, or has been enhanced with some plastic surgery. Even though she admits that she's not opposed to the idea of getting surgical enhancement, she tells King magazine that her hourglass figure is 100% natural.

"I'm Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That's how I was born. I can't help it. I'm not gonna fight it. I definitely need to work out more and tone up, but I'm proud of my body."
I think Kim is hot. If her assets are real or not. She is a pretty girl. She owns her own company Dash in LA. It is a woman's boutique that her and her sisters run.

Why Did I Get Married

Tyler Perry is back with his fourth feature film, "Why Did I Get Married?" Perry stars alongside a talented ensemble cast that includes Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Denise Boutte and Lamann Rucker. Watch it here

House of Deron

Okay... I love the Knowles family for trying to control the planet with music, clothing, kids toys and everything else Papa and Mama Knowles can think of but this... crap here is wrong. Stop making clothes or if your gonna do it please put time and effort into it....

Deron Junior clothing launched in Toronto yesterday....

I might not like the clothes, but Bey and co are doing damn well... So, big up to them. Oh yeah Bey is dropping a Spanish LP of Bday

Beckham scores... FINALLY

David Beckham scored his first goal last night as part of the L.A. Galaxy. While everyone on the field and in the stadium including his kids went wild after he goaled, Posh barely cracked a smile and barely clapped.

Heidi sings and Pratt raps....

Here is Heidi new single... Body language... I really don't like. Its catchy but lets just say that Spencer need not try to rap again. I think Madonna would've made this an AWESOME song

Mommy glow

Nicole is looking effortless chic these days since annocuning her and rock boyfriend Joel Madden are having their first baby together. i just wanted to say. I am loving the glow and those chanel glasses


Every where I turn, I see my soon to be president... Obama strikes a pose on the new cover of GQ for September month.

I that man... He is gonna be an AWESOME president

La La lohan

La La graces the cover the 10th anniversary cover of Maxim. She is the Hottest chick in the game according to them. Here are some pictures from the shoot. To read more on the Lindsay go to Maxim

His smile

Okay, today I got a surprise text this morning from the guy that makes me smile. I mean what is wrong with a that. He calls and texts. He calls me beautiful. He makes me smile by saying little things...

"I'm infatuated with your smile..."

Like hearing that made my heart wept. How can a guy say all the right things. It's like I am looking for a flaw, buts like as of now... I am not looking anymore flaws. If he guienely this awesome... then I LOVE it....

The Hills

OMG... let the drama start. I am on TEAM Lauren. The season 3 of The Hills premieres tonight on MTV at 9 pm. And I am so ready. I just want Lauren to punch Heidi in the chest so those fake boobies can bust!!!!


Chris Brown

He is beyond sexy...

Chanel Faux Crocodile Bubble Quilted 2.55....

With only 40 day's until the fall officially hits....Chanel Faux Crocodile Bubble quilted 2.55 ...is here to preview. Chanel has a multitude of colors, but I love this blue one. And that's the one I am gonna call Tabitha for at my local Chanel Boutique. Here are the other colors if you want to hit up your local boutique.

Chanel also is showing the same old face for there perfume line again... Kiera doesn't make me want to go buy my Chanel 5 at all... Maybe if it was Lindsay or Mary-Kate. I would be like YEAH... But its time for a new Spokeswoman. And is Photoshop everyone's best friend this days.


I found some more Louboutins to add to my collection. My collection only has one, but now they will have some friends to chill with. I spot these on Nicole richie and fail in love. And plus I wanted some oxford shoes that were cute and edgy!!!

Grab the Mic

Law 3
Grab the Mic

Speak your mind. Don't let people run over you. GRAB the mic and yell into it. Kimora speaks on one of the many lessons she learned from Karl Lagerfield. He told her "Speak LOUDLY, speak QUICKLY, and be CONCISE!!!! Nobody has time for-long-windedness."

Basically if you are meek you will get run over or worse ignored. What is the point of being hired for a position if you are going to sit in corner every meeting and not voice your opinion. Your a waste of a sit. Speaking out is a way of grabbing a piece of the action and declaring, "I deserve to be here". She speaks on even if your on comfortable and wondering why you are in that position is to fake it until you gain the knowledge to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, she say yes "it may be more controversial to speak your mind, but it better than staying mute". Also, the ability to speak up, speak out and stand your ground against powerful personalities is one of the most important skills any woman can have.

Take notes from males in your life. They can tell it how it is without worrying that its personal. Sure it's stressful and anxiety-inducing to enter into conflict, but its ways more stressful to be screwed over in silence and have to deal with the consequences for three months. It's like tearing off a band-aid: You'll be a lot happier if you grit your teeth and rip." Of course, the most important part of being a good communicator is knowing when to state your case-and when yo just shut up.

Reserving your SPACE

By taking up more room, you're reserving your own space and creating an awareness that you're there.

Claiming your space with Fabulousity
  1. Heels, heels, heels. My motto: Four inches, no less.
  2. Carry an extra-large bag in cherry, emerald, or orange-not beige, not camel and definitely no black.
  3. Wear dramatic coat that almost demands someones help you take it on and off.
  4. Laugh a lot. It makes everybody wonder if it's more fun to be at your party.
  5. Turn up the music in every room you enter.

How Do I breathe without you....

If I was the same person I was almost 8 months ago I couldn't’t answer that. When I was in relationships, I gave everything I had so that me and that person could grown. But my last relationship has really changed my mind on that. That relationship took a lot out of me mentally. It drained me of my energy and thought process. I am not a good girl turning bad cause I am to sweet for that. I am just a good girl that always gets the bad boy, that real wants a Mr. nice to say hi.

I got hurt badly physically and mentally in that relationship. About 6 months ago when I looked at my face all I saw was the black eye and busted lip, but now I rarely think about it cause I have forgave and that took a lot to do. But I realized if I did not let go of that I could never let go of my past and he would always have a grasp on me.

I had to realize if he really loved me like he said he did he would have never cheated on me, lie to me, or do the other stuff he did to me. I talk to my ex daily because I am still there as a friend and that’s about it. (your probably thinking I still want him, all I want is for him to become a real man so he can grow and see how much your actions can change peoples lives) I could never be with him again cause that trust will never be the same. Yes, I forgave him for what he did but he is not the man that I need to be with or I can grow with. I rather be with someone who is more like me.

I am goofy and I love to make myself and others laugh when they are down but at the same time I love being at my apartment. I feel my guy will love the same things I love. He will understand why I retreat to Barnes and Nobles when I am having a bad day. He will fully know me and not only half of me. Its like I come to realize what I have done wrong in my past relationships and will try to solve those problems before I enter into another.

Sometimes I just think, man are weird....LOL. No one walking on this earth is alike, but some people have similarities. Only thing my ex’s have in common is they are Leo’s, tall, bright skin and like playing video games. And come to think about it I never really chose them, they chose me. Being shy, I was like okay. “You think I am cute and I think you’re cute so lets date.” I am 22 and I really don’t think that worked very well. I remember when I was younger I always wanted to be married before I went to law school or grad school. (never dreamed of the actual wedding, just being married to my husband) How things have changed from my teens.

Thinking right now, I know I don’t want a Mr. Right now or a part time man in my life. I don’t want to go into a dating storm either, for the simple fact I don’t want to bring someone into my life if they are gonna live me six months from now or hurt me emotionally.

I want the next man that walks into my life to be a REAL man. I want him to understand what it truly means to be a man. When I think about a REAL man, I think of my father. He raised my brother, my sister and I. And I personally think he did and AWESOME job being a single father raising three kids and two of them being girls.

My dad and I (Fall break 2006)

I want him to be naturing, loving, goofy, humble, kind, smart, sexy, aware and above everything else a man of God. I rather him be true to himself than be fake just to impress me. Impressing me is loving me for all my flaws. Impressing me is calling me to say hi. Impressing me is making me a "I miss you" card with construction paper and macaroni... Those are the things that will make me fall in love with you over and over when I look into your eyes.

50 cent's verbal assualt

I can't wait 'til September 11th, so 50 cent can eat his words. Mr. Curtis "50 cent" Jackson has been a verbal war with Kanye for weeks now. But the funny thing is Kanye has nothing but positive things to say about the whackness that is 50. So, basically 50 is in verbal assault with himself. I have never like 50 and like my man Jay said "Nigga I'm bout a dolla what the fuck is 50 cent"

Yesterday SOHH.com released an official statement from 50 Cent in which he stated that he will stop rapping and concentrate more on his other ventures if Kanye beats him in record sales. Read on:
“They would like to see Kanye West give me a problem because I’ve worked myself into a space where I’ve become the favorite,” Fif told SOHH exclusively. “Everybody roots for the underdog when he goes against the favorite.
“Put it like this,” 50 told SOHH. “Let’s raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more recordsthan 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums. [Listen to the audio here]
“And I bet this, when Kanye West’s sales come in, he’s gonna have a 70% decrease [the second week] ’cause Def Jam is gonna buy records to keep him closer to 50 Cent,” the Queens rapper added. “So watch the first week and then watch the second week. Watch his @#* drop off the planet. We keep our angles covered before we make a decent bet.” [SOURCE]

Okay, so when the "stronger" of the two win, what will 50 do. I have an idea. Put out another whack album with G-unit. I rather him just shut up. Kanye is already beating him on itunes with presales of the albums!!! I'm getting Kanye. 50 be talking sideways to much. Remember he diss Ja for making girlie tracks with ashante... then what occur "Candy Shop".... get it together 50

Mav's agree 2year deal

The Dallas Mavericks agreed to a two-year, $4 million deal with guard-forward Eddie Jones, his agent said Friday.The unrestricted free agent will receive about $1.87 million in the first year from the Mavericks' biannual exception, agent Leon Rose said. The 35-year-old Jones, a three-time All-Star, is expected to be in Dallas on Monday to take a physical and sign the agreement.

The 6-foot-6, 200-pound swingman has averaged 15.4 points per game in 13 NBA seasons.

Mav's first game will be at Cleveland 10/31. First home game is Sacramento Kings 11/3. I am excited. I have to confirm my season tickets, but I think my brother or bhardy will enjoy my tickets more than me. But I will be at the Hawks game in Atlanta 11/2 to cheer them on.

Saints Preseason

I watched the saints play last night. The Saints played their second preseason game yesterday evening. And well, from what I saw they were okay, but they need more pratice. When we went to there training camp a couple weeks ago their defense was weak and to me still is. I really don't understand football. For the long when I watch the game on TV I thought that yellow line was actually on the TV.

The Saints failed to finish their early drives, though, and the Bills reserves ground out a 13-10 victory Friday night. They lost to the Steelers 20-7 last week too. I remember talking to a Saints Obsessed Fan they were like we are never hot in preseason, but we are going all the way this year. I glad they have faith. just like I have faith the Cowboys will make it the Superbowl again!!!

Kim in the city

Kim Kardashian definitely has a sweet tooth!!!

Kardashian hit Dylan's Candy Bar over on 3rd avenue yesterday. The beautiful Kardashian enjoyed sampling all of the goodies Dylan's Candy Bar has to offer!!! She makes me want some Dylan's now.

Dylan's Candy Bar
was established by Dylan Lauren. Ralph Laurens daughter. I use to visit the one in the Galleria everyday when I worked in Nordstorm's!!!! But I don't eat sweet all time, but theirs are AWESOME

Fakes part II

Okay, I was aggravated when someone texted me and was like I bought some ICECREAMS shoes for $60!!! And then I was watching television and a commercial came on....

Pharrell in some icecream's

What did I see... a store "all hip-hop" advertising fake merchandise. You are not getting Red monkey jeans for $75 dollars you ain't getting BBC shirts for $45. Come on lets be real. What's funny I just had a conversation with a sexy new friend that we discuss doing things on your own level. Buying this things are not enhance you, they are taking away from you. I can see you rather be like the "Jones" than really be like yourself. Its hard to be like yourself, but when you put images of falseness into your life such as clothing, jewelry, or anything of that nature you are letting the spiral of your worth diminish.

Here are the examples of real and fake

Okay, back to my point. STOP going to these stores and shacks in front of the gas station and purchasing these items. They are horrible knock offs.

Kanye West recently interviewed T.I in the new Complex mag on stands now. In the interview they touched on FAKES.

Kanye: I seen alot of bootleg BAPE.
T.I: Yeah, like bootleg BBC.
Kanye; Yeah, and the dollar signs be completely different shape & diamonds....

Also on the topic the hoodies with everything on them are only good when done in moderation!!!

In general, I LOATHE fakes! I don't know the actual figures amounts but I figure these individuals producing these items are in a billion dollar industry and that is sad. These designers worked hard on the creation and the thought process of planning it and then you go run to to that shack and buy a replica. I shouldn't sound so harsh. You might not no better... but on the other hand do they look like authorized dealers!!!!

Basically, do on your own level. If you can't walk into Gucci, LV, Fendi, Bape store (japan only) and BBC store the don't buy. Yes, I understand that you want that shirt or those shoes but wait til you can really afford them.

This article gives me the chance to show pictures of ...