Grab the Mic

Law 3
Grab the Mic

Speak your mind. Don't let people run over you. GRAB the mic and yell into it. Kimora speaks on one of the many lessons she learned from Karl Lagerfield. He told her "Speak LOUDLY, speak QUICKLY, and be CONCISE!!!! Nobody has time for-long-windedness."

Basically if you are meek you will get run over or worse ignored. What is the point of being hired for a position if you are going to sit in corner every meeting and not voice your opinion. Your a waste of a sit. Speaking out is a way of grabbing a piece of the action and declaring, "I deserve to be here". She speaks on even if your on comfortable and wondering why you are in that position is to fake it until you gain the knowledge to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, she say yes "it may be more controversial to speak your mind, but it better than staying mute". Also, the ability to speak up, speak out and stand your ground against powerful personalities is one of the most important skills any woman can have.

Take notes from males in your life. They can tell it how it is without worrying that its personal. Sure it's stressful and anxiety-inducing to enter into conflict, but its ways more stressful to be screwed over in silence and have to deal with the consequences for three months. It's like tearing off a band-aid: You'll be a lot happier if you grit your teeth and rip." Of course, the most important part of being a good communicator is knowing when to state your case-and when yo just shut up.

Reserving your SPACE

By taking up more room, you're reserving your own space and creating an awareness that you're there.

Claiming your space with Fabulousity
  1. Heels, heels, heels. My motto: Four inches, no less.
  2. Carry an extra-large bag in cherry, emerald, or orange-not beige, not camel and definitely no black.
  3. Wear dramatic coat that almost demands someones help you take it on and off.
  4. Laugh a lot. It makes everybody wonder if it's more fun to be at your party.
  5. Turn up the music in every room you enter.