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Hey ladies & Gents,

I no longer blog over at blogger. My store is now open Imperfect Concepts Boutique. Check out all the great pieces ( louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, YSL & many more great items) You can also check out my new blog. The Vintage Life

Chic Tips for a Chic Chick

Have you heard of someone saying that they dont wear white? Well, I use to be one of those people because stains are like my best friends. I dont know how I get them but Ill see it and then be mad at myself and the fact I dont have a Tide pen next to me. Well, here is some ingredients & instructions on how to remove some stains

Club Soda-when wearing white dab some on your item smoothly and then let it sit before washing
White Vinegar- for arm pit stains, warm up the vinegar and let soak on the stained spot then wash in warm water
Bayers- Crush some up and throw it in with your whites it helps brigthen them
Salt- Red wine stains: let the salt abosrb into the stain then rinse with cold water
Oxy Clean: I just throw it in with every wash
Tide to-g0: should be in every womens purse!!! If all else falls tide is your friend

You can find Stain Removal tips on this website that cover from crayons to motor oil

Pharrell @ McDonalds

OMG... if your having a bad day this will cheer you up. Pharrell is too damn funny!!

Fave new brand

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair at ShopStyle

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair has become my new obsession... I want every piece. Feel in love when I seen Jane of Sea of Shoes bubble skirt. I am so hype right now that I am just sitting here thinking of outfits that I want to put together and where am I gonna wear them. You can shop them on shopstyle

Canvas Tennis Shoes

Canvas shoes have become a stable for the spring line up. You can dress them up & make a chic outfit even chicer (is that a word). I recently found some Keds at goodwill and I have fallen in love with them. You can try a couple of these looks above. Also, try Forever 21, Wet Seal, Rue, Dots or any of those places if you dont want to spend a plethora of cash on them

Thrift Finds pt 2

We went thrifting again this weekend and I found more great finds. The best one thought is my Louis Vuitton Epi Leather wallet. I have to fix the snap but my girl at LV she they will do it for free. Have ya'll been thrift shopping yet?? What have you found? Oh they have a shoppers program at my goodwill too.. So excited about that

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather wallet .75 cent sweet deal
Dooney & Burke purse $1.25
Dress $3.99 and pants $2.99
Keds with da scuff $4.00
I am in LOVE with my Goodwill's in the DFW area. Now we are make a weekly trips. There are several shops that i thrift at but I wont tell cause I still need my spots... to chill at and get great finds

Quincy Jones "My Journeys & Passions"

The legendary Quincy Jones made a stop in Dallas for the release of "My Journey & Passion". In the book you see original notes from the studio and him discuss various projects. Q is the sweetest and humblest man you will ever met. The crowd was small for the event but I highly doubt Q mind because the group consisted of devoted and loving fans and admires.