Fakes part II

Okay, I was aggravated when someone texted me and was like I bought some ICECREAMS shoes for $60!!! And then I was watching television and a commercial came on....

Pharrell in some icecream's

What did I see... a store "all hip-hop" advertising fake merchandise. You are not getting Red monkey jeans for $75 dollars you ain't getting BBC shirts for $45. Come on lets be real. What's funny I just had a conversation with a sexy new friend that we discuss doing things on your own level. Buying this things are not enhance you, they are taking away from you. I can see you rather be like the "Jones" than really be like yourself. Its hard to be like yourself, but when you put images of falseness into your life such as clothing, jewelry, or anything of that nature you are letting the spiral of your worth diminish.

Here are the examples of real and fake

Okay, back to my point. STOP going to these stores and shacks in front of the gas station and purchasing these items. They are horrible knock offs.

Kanye West recently interviewed T.I in the new Complex mag on stands now. In the interview they touched on FAKES.

Kanye: I seen alot of bootleg BAPE.
T.I: Yeah, like bootleg BBC.
Kanye; Yeah, and the dollar signs be completely different shape & diamonds....

Also on the topic the hoodies with everything on them are only good when done in moderation!!!

In general, I LOATHE fakes! I don't know the actual figures amounts but I figure these individuals producing these items are in a billion dollar industry and that is sad. These designers worked hard on the creation and the thought process of planning it and then you go run to to that shack and buy a replica. I shouldn't sound so harsh. You might not no better... but on the other hand do they look like authorized dealers!!!!

Basically, do on your own level. If you can't walk into Gucci, LV, Fendi, Bape store (japan only) and BBC store the don't buy. Yes, I understand that you want that shirt or those shoes but wait til you can really afford them.

This article gives me the chance to show pictures of ...