Video: CurT@!n$ - Night Of The Living Dope (Johnny’s Revenge)

You all know I LOVE music and LOVE keeping it fresh with new artist. Well, this CurT@!n$. He is a Brooklyn MC that is FIRE and can dress his ass off. This video is off his album "The Great Adventures of DoPE Boy C." The video was shoot in LA awhile ago using a red cam. I really don't all the details but how the video was shoot but it is HAUTE in he is Fresh. Oh yeah red cam is the wave of the future. So get adjusted to it know, cause is like blu-ray once you watch it you can't go back to regular dvds no more.

"Regular Girlfriends"

Really, Kim... did you happen to misspeak when talking to the report about you and reggie's relationship. As, I am on your team when people hate on you and say the cruelest things about you, but that was really harsh calling me and other women "regular girlfriends". To be exact you don't have a job per say. Yes, you are co-owner of Dash and do promotions but thats not a 9 to 5 job like us "regular girlfriends" hold down. You and Reggie are not in reccession either. Sometimes I see why people get upset with what you say. Maybe you should go visit talksports or balleralert and see how the "regular girlfriends" are trashed out ALL the time. Chris Pauls girlfriend is GORGEOUS and people call her ugly. Lerbon fiancee is one of the sweetest people in the world and they call her dumb for having babies by him and not getting married. People LOATHE Dwade's wife. So Kim, You might think you get hit hard trust you don't!!!

Ps. Your make-up is FIERCE and you do look cute in the pic

They're BACK!!!

Hey guys... I am back and so are they. Everyone knows that I love Angela & Vanessa Simmons. They are two fly chick doing their things and they are only in their 20's. Yes, the ladies are running the streets. Well, If you remember awhile ago I told you that we getting their own show. Well,the preview is out its gonna be HAUTE!!!

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ps. I seen Angela in the galleria last night in dallas and she is really sweet. Make sure you tune.

If you can't see the video go to

Words of Wisdom 12/16

In Galatians 6:9, the bible tells us not to "be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." That means don't become faint of heart when you know you are doing everything right and things are still going wrong! Harvest is near. - Rev. Run




I have a WITCH VIBE... this ish gonna be BANANAS

ps... go check out my homeboy rob & greg run it!!!!

Sibling promotion: Solo & Bey edition

Solo & Bey have been both spotted shooting video's and doing press tours for their albums. I know my Ms. Solange hates to mentioned in the same breath as Bey when she is promoting or basically doing her, but I am sticking to my siblings posting today!!!!

ps Hey Julez looking really cute & adorable!!!

Beyonce was on BET 106 & Park

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Beyonce was spotted outside TRL after she priemered both of her new songs of her upcoming album "I am". Papa Knowles gave some insider information about his oldest daughter's album that drops 11/18.

"Vote in a Box"

Justin Timberlake was in Las Vegas this week for a rally to support of Barack Obama over the weekend, later performing a "remix" of his holiday favorite, "D--k in a Box."

Vanessa & Angela are "Daddy's Girl"

They may have moved out of their father’s house, but ‘Run’s House’ fans can expect to see more of the lovely older daughters of Run-DMC rapper Reverend Run when their own reality series gets underway. Angela and Vanessa Simmons revealed to that the new MTV spin-off, will be called ‘Daddy’s Girls,’ and will follow their “lives in L.A. and what’s going on with us,” since making the bi-coastal move from The Big Apple. Expect the new series to showcase the sisters as they evolve their popular ‘Pastry’ shoe and clothing line into another more grown-up brand, in addition to embarking upon other exciting ventures.Over the past few years, MTV viewers have watched Vanessa go from ‘Ford’ model to ‘The Guiding Light’ soap star. She tells us, “[I'm] still doing acting and I’m moving along…I appreciate my process because that’s going to make me stronger in the end and the best talent that I can possibly give the world.” She just began filming a new movie opposite Marques Houston last week. And, while Vanessa locks down the acting roles between the duo, Angela, who serves as executive editor of her own magazine, ‘Angela’s Rundown,’ has her eye on music. She recently dropped a Gwen Stefani-esque song called ‘Center of Attention’ and premiered the video on the official Pastry website. Coincidentally, Angela’s love life has been the center of a lot of her fans attention. People buzzed that she was seeing rapper Bow Wow after appearing in his video for ‘Shortie Like Mine,’ but Angela put all those rumors to rest when she began publicly dating pro skateboarder Terry Kennedy.

They were spotted at LA Fashion Week. These pictures come from Lauren Conard Fashion Show

Attention ALL Democrats:

Attention All Democrats:
With early voting about to begin and the November 4th election day approaching, misleading voter information is being circulated to confuse Democratic voters and cancel out straight Democratic Party votes.
This is a crucial time for you to make your voices heard by voting the straight Democratic ticket. I urge you to carefully review the information below which outlines the correct procedure for voting a straight Democratic ticket:

When you mark 'Straight Democratic' then cast your ballot, your vote will count for Barack Obama and all the Democratic candidates, including all congressional, state and local Democrats on the general election ballot.

NOTE: A separate vote for an individual candidate is required only in a special election (e.g., Senate District 17)


If you do not wish to vote a straight party vote, you must mark each individual candidate for whom you wish to vote, and then cast your ballot.



Additionally, carefully read the review screen after marking your selection and before casting your ballot. If you have any questions at the polls, ask an election judge for assistance. Visit our Voter Information page for more information about deceptive voting information and review your rights as a Texas voter.
I am confident that together we can overcome deceptive GOP messaging and vote our Democratic candidates into office from the court house to the White House!

Your friend and fellow Democrat,

Boyd L. Richie
Texas Democratic Party

Words of Wisdom 10/16

People always ask me why I'm always happy. It's my faith in God. When a man knows that there is an invincible power that proctects him and all that he loves, and brings him to every righteous disre of the heart, he relaxs all nervous tension and is happy and satisfied! It's not Don't Worry Be Happy, its Don't Worry Have Faith in God. -Rev. Run

Beyonce's new videos

I LOVE both songs and videos. I think the black & white actually makes it more interesting. And both songs give you the best of Beyonce. If you love her love ballads then I "If I was a boy" is for you and if you love her upbeat stuff then " Single ladies" is for you. I LOVE both so I will be purchasing this cd too

"Road to Redemption" featuring TI

Clifford "TI" Harris, recently interviewed by CNN on a piece entitled ‘Road to Redemption.’ T.I. has a number one album and single, as well as a one-year jail term in his future. Denise Quan explains.

CNN: But it seems as though some artists are holding back in terms of their involvement because they don’t want to hurt their candidate.

T.I.: Absolutely. You know, when you look at the situation with Ludacris [who wrote a pro-Barack Obama song that was condemned by the Obama camp for its negative lyrics about other politicians], I would not want my support of someone to hinder their chances. I think you have to know what helps and what hurts.

CNN: You can’t vote because you’re a convicted felon.

T.I.: As far as I know, that is the case.

CNN: How much does that hurt? Is there a candidate you want to support?

T.I.: Well, man, it isn’t necessarily about a candidate that I want to support. I feel like I owe that to my kids, my little cousins, everybody in the generation under me, to try to make this world a better place, this nation a better place. I am not going to focus on what I can’t do. I am going to focus on what I CAN do.

CNN: How many kids do you have now?

T.I.: Six.

CNN: Six?! How many kids do you want?

T.I.: I’ll have as many as the Lord blesses me with. So be it, as long as I have enough money to take care of them. I don’t ever want to have kids who don’t know their brothers and sisters. I want them all to grow up together, knowing each other, living together. I don’t ever want to have some secret children.

Pharrell's jacket

Pharrell Williams was recently seen at the Diesel’s Rock N’ Roll Circus Concert in NYC. The Contrast Nylon Biker jacket is by Martin Margiela and is $636, click here to check it out.

Hilary Duff Releases “That’s So Gay” PSA

Hilary Duff has teamed up with The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to create a campaign in which the term “that’s so gay” is used casually in an effort to help teens recognize that their anti-LGBT language is harmful. This is a really GREAT PSA & I am happy they are doing this. It so wrong that people use these words to describe something. Also, I HATE when people say "No Homo"... GTFOH...

Travis Barker interview with Us Weekly

Travis Barker gave his first interview since the private plan his was flying in crashed on September 19th. The interview was conducted by Us Weekly

On his fear of flying: “I hate planes. My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened … well, I’m just thankful to be alive! I’m just grateful to be here at all.”

On how he’s doing” “I am doing the best I can possibly be. I’m so anxious to get out of here. …I’ve just been in surgery after surgery. I have third degree burns basically from my feet up to my waist and both hands. One of my hands was second degree burns and one was third degree burns. I’m trying to have a quick recovery and play the drums again and be able to hold my kids again. [Barker has two children, Landon, 5, and Alabama, 2, with Moakler.] I’m going nuts not being able to see them and spend time with them!”

On eating meat again after over 25 years as a vegetarian “I need protein from food rather than just protein supplements. I changed my diet. I would do anything I possibly could if they said like, ‘There’s a possibility you might heal faster if you do eat meat or just change your eating habits.’ So I did. I don’t regret it at all, I feel so much better.”

Baby Couture Magazine Cover

Kim Porter and Sean Combs have done double covers for the Oct-Nov ‘08 issue of Baby Couture magazine with their twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James.

Shontelle & Kanye new video's

Kanye West’s premiered his new video for “Love Lockdown” on “Ellen” yesterday. His 4th album 808s and Heartbreak hits stores November 25th. I think the video is really HOT, I could've done without the neon girls at the end put it was tight

Shontelle premiered her new video for “T-Shirt”. Well, I am loving the single and love her album name Shontelligence too. Oh yeah her & Rihanna grew up together

Words of Wisdom 10/8

You must learn to be a good listener. There is a reason why you have one mouth and two ears. You must listen twice as much as you talk. -Rev. Run

Confessions Of A Shopaholic Movie Trailer

I love this book series, so I was really excited when I heard it was being made into a movie. I wish it started in London like the book, but hey who am I to say. So what do you think. Also, I hope it does the book justices cause you know sometimes the movies is a far stretch from the book.

Suze Ormans 5 tips for Economy Crisis

Money expert Suze Orman says we should blame the banks for this financial meltdown. "I refuse to believe that it started with [regular people]," she says. "It was the banks and their greed and their deceit of them wanting to make money and giving loans to people when they should have said, 'I'm so sorry,' like they did years ago. … But instead they said, 'Here you go, little one, take a mortgage.'"

To survive this financial crisis, Suze says we need to stay calm—do not panic by withdrawing your life savings or selling your 401(k) plan. "Don't make mistakes, people," she says. "Just stay calm and understand, as Ali said, 'We're going to get through this.' But only if you make the right decisions for you. You cannot control what others are doing out there, but you most certainly can control your own actions."

To take action, Suze says there are five things you should do right now to make sure you are protected. First, make sure your savings are safe—and that doesn't mean under your mattress. She says to keep your money in banks, money market accounts and money market deposit accounts that are FDIC insured.

Even if your bank goes under, Suze says your money is safe if it is in an FDIC-insured bank. "It will take you two days and you'll have your money back," she says. To find out if your bank or account is FDIC insured, go to

If your money is in a credit union, Suze says to make sure it is NCUA insured. "They happen to insure 98 percent of all the credit unions out there," she says. If your credit union falls in the two percent that is not NCUA insured, Suze recommends moving your money to a credit union that is.

Government-backed treasury bills, bonds or notes and treasury money market accounts are also safe options. "They are safe as safe can be," Suze says.

The second thing Suze recommends is the same advice she has been giving for years—pay down your credit card debt. "It is possible and probable that many of the credit card companies out there are going to be shrinking, shrinking, shrinking your credit limits, and that hurts your credit score—so please start paying down your credit cards."

Along with paying down your debt, Suze stresses the importance of paying your bills on time. "If you are late on a credit card payment, that hurts your credit score," she says. "If it hurts your credit score, which is known as your FICO score, everybody who [you have] credit with will know it. Your interest rates will go up, and they will most certainly slam you right out of your credit."

Suze's third step is to get health and term life insurance. If you already have health insurance—great! But Suze says to make sure you don't cancel your policy to save a few bucks. "Do you understand that the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States today is bankruptcy over medical bills? Don't ruin your life forever because you think you can go without health insurance," she says.

For your life insurance policy, Suze says term life insurance—which is good for a specific period of time—is the way to go. "You are to stay away from whole life, universal and variable life insurance, do you hear me?" she says.

Fourth, Suze says to continue making contributions to your retirement plan. "This is not the time to stop investing in your retirement plans," she says. "Because, as the markets go down, your monthly contributions buy more shares. The more shares you have, the more money you make in the long run. And when all of this is over and the market starts to go back up, guess what? You are going to be so happy you didn't stop now."

Suze says her last point is probably the most important on her list—stop spending more than you can afford. "The goal here is very simple. Wouldn't you rather live a life where you feel free, easy, you don't have to worry? Where you value who you are more than what you have? Where you value the quality of your life?" she says.

"If you can just now only spend money on things that are necessities rather than things that are desires or things that are wants, all of us, we have a lot of time in our lives to do that again—now is not the time. Now, I'm asking you to value who you are. To define who you are by just your personality, by your actions—more than what you have."


Words of Wisdom 10/6

Your thought are things! In Philippians 4:8, the Bible says keep an eye on your thoughts and to think on things that are true, honest, pure & just, anything that is good report. ".... If there by any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Have a think-ful week. - Rev Run

Trisha R. Thomas is the author of Nappily Ever After. The book is slated to be turned into a movie starring Halle Berry & to be released in 2011. I first read Nappily Ever After almost two years ago and I got hooked. There was a second book that I didn't know about maybe that's why I was confused when I read Nappily Married...LOL

Venus Johnston has only one goal to be engaged and married to her soon to be doctor boyfriend. When he brings home a puppy instead of the diamond ring she'd pointed out several weeks before, she's devastated. She kicks him out and discovers the truth about herself. The best part is when she goes into the salon and does a transformation!!!

Venus engaged in Would I lie to you, but no closer to the altar. Venus meets Jake Parson, ex-rap artist turned successful business man, and quickly falls into a steamy affair. An unplanned pregnancy, her mother's bout with cancer, and her fiance's mysterious disappearing acts opens Venus's eyes giving her the power to finally make the most important decision of her lifetime.

Blessed with a beautiful baby daughter and a husband who is a former rap star with his own multi million dollar clothing company, Venus has finally gotten what she's asked for. But life as a stay home wife and mother is hardly the end of the rainbow. In fact, she's ready to do anything to jump start the career she's put on the back burner for the last two years. Against her good sense and her husband's wishes, she applies for a high profile PR job to help save a struggling hospital manned by none other than her former boyfriend, Dr. Clint Fairchild, the very one who dumped her and married Kandi Treboe. This time competition between she and her old nemesis turns into a battle Venus is determined to win by any means necessary. With an unhappy hubby at home, a nanny who's becoming uncomfortably close with her husband and child, and a deviant at work sabotaging the hospital, Venus may have taken on much more than she can handle.

Hoping to get off the emotional rollercoaster their lives have become, Jake and Venus decide to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta for a fresh start. In their pretty southern digs their idyllic life immediately takes a detour when a late night phone call reaches them from the past. Faith, love, and forgiveness are at the heart of this new installment. Venus is in for the biggest fight of her life.

I am wondering since I skipped one of the book should I go back and read it even though I know how the series ends??? ALL the 3 books I read were are AWESOMELY great. I wonder why the second the book didn't have a "Nappily" in the title

Are you part of a book club? If so, what are ya'll reading?

Michael Moore "Slacker Uprising"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Filmmaker Michael Moore released his latest documentary for free on the Internet on Tuesday, marking a first for the maverick director who aims to encourage young people to vote -- preferably for Democrats -- in November's U.S. presidential election.

"Slacker Uprising," a feature-length film documenting Moore's tour of swing states during the 2004 presidential election year, was made available for a free download instead of being released in movie theaters.

The maker of the award-winning anti-Iraq war blockbuster "Fahrenheit 9/11," said in a statement the gesture was "entirely as a gift to my fans."

"The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters at the polls in November," Moore said.

Moore has long been known as a firebrand filmmaker. He took on large corporations in 1989's "Roger & Me" and the U.S. gun industry in 2002's "Bowling for Columbine," which earned him an Oscar. "Slacker Uprising," made for about $2 million, comes on the heels of Moore's blistering expose of the U.S. health care system, "SiCKO," in 2007.

Although "Slacker Uprising" chronicles the director's efforts to get young people on either side of the political spectrum to vote, he said the documentary was also a "tribute to the young voters who are going to save this country from four more years of Republican rule."

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are in a neck-and-neck race for the White House in the November 4 election, according to opinion polls.

Moore encouraged fans to download, e-mail or share the movie with everyone and anyone, or to show it in schools, colleges, church halls and community centers, adding, "I don't want to see a dime from this."

He said several websites, including iTunes and, were providing streaming or downloading services for free.

GO DOWNLOAD it and start sharing it

Kenny Burns greeting from Dallas, LA & ATL

Here is the info on Mr. Burns via his myspace page

A Washington DC native, Kenny Burns started promoting parties while still in high school. When he moved to Atlanta to attend Morris Brown University, he started his own company, 2620 Music, and monopolized Atlanta’s party scene in the mid 90’s. Based on his track record of breaking unknown talent in the Atlanta market, like Notorious Big and Black Moon to name a few, Claude Austin, then president of Rowdy Records hired him to promote Monica’s debut album. With Kenny’s help, Monica went on to sell two million copies of her debut album “Miss Thang”.

For his next feat, Kenny helped promote Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album to its initial certified gold success.

Soon after, Kenny found himself moving to NYC and learning the music business from Andre Harrell at Motown Records. “Dre taught me how to take my creative vision and make it tangible.”

In 1999, Kenny moved to LA and was the brainchild behind the girl group Dream. There debut album, “It Was All A DREAM”, went on to debut at #2 on the billboard charts and sold over 2million copies to date.

Eventually Kenny rose to the ranks of executive, serving as a Vice President at Mariah Carey’s Monarc Music (Maroon Entertainment) and later at Roc-A-Fella records, where he mentored Kanye West, Young Gunz, Allen Anthony, Samantha Ronson and Nicole Wray. “Damon Dash and I were friends from way back in the Reasonable Doubt days. I gave him the script Paid In Full as well. It was a no brainer when he asked me to join the team.”

In 2005, Burns founded his own boutique label: Studio 43, and landed Wale as his first signing, which has brought national attention to the Washington DC Metropolitan Area in the Hip Hop arena. “I’ve always wanted to give my city an identity in music.”

Words of Wisdom 9/26

You cannot rely on what you see with your physical eyes. Imagination is creation. Here's the trick: You must hold the image of what you want in your mind until you can fully express in outwardly. -Rev. Run

Kelly: Milan Fashion Week

Kelly Rowland is seems to be enjoying herself over in Italy for their annual fashion week. The
singer who recently made the move to the U.K. was pictured at various events over the past couple of days.
The look is great the dress should've been belted or more fitted.
Cause this looks like she is preggers...

Kelly with Katy Perry, the showcase was for Katy at D&G showroom on Monday in Milan.

Me no likey this look. All the piece are cute but not together

Kelly and Roberto Cavalli attend the ‘A Glamourous Night In Milano’ at Just Cavalli Cafe as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 on Monday in Milan, Italy.

this is my fave look for her this week. Her shoe game is awesome & her dress is banging

Ms. Rowland sure does love being over across the pond. I really do love her and think she is talented. Maybe she should switch management...hint hint. Look at Amerie she just got a new deal and she was in london for a couple years too...