"Regular Girlfriends"

Really, Kim... did you happen to misspeak when talking to the report about you and reggie's relationship. As, I am on your team when people hate on you and say the cruelest things about you, but that was really harsh calling me and other women "regular girlfriends". To be exact you don't have a job per say. Yes, you are co-owner of Dash and do promotions but thats not a 9 to 5 job like us "regular girlfriends" hold down. You and Reggie are not in reccession either. Sometimes I see why people get upset with what you say. Maybe you should go visit talksports or balleralert and see how the "regular girlfriends" are trashed out ALL the time. Chris Pauls girlfriend is GORGEOUS and people call her ugly. Lerbon fiancee is one of the sweetest people in the world and they call her dumb for having babies by him and not getting married. People LOATHE Dwade's wife. So Kim, You might think you get hit hard trust you don't!!!

Ps. Your make-up is FIERCE and you do look cute in the pic