They're BACK!!!

Hey guys... I am back and so are they. Everyone knows that I love Angela & Vanessa Simmons. They are two fly chick doing their things and they are only in their 20's. Yes, the ladies are running the streets. Well, If you remember awhile ago I told you that we getting their own show. Well,the preview is out its gonna be HAUTE!!!

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ps. I seen Angela in the galleria last night in dallas and she is really sweet. Make sure you tune.

If you can't see the video go to


christian ohonba said...

not bad..not something I would watch..not into celebrites and their lives..have my own to live

Tasha said...

I have my own life too, but I think they are both two POSITIVE BLACK WOMEN doing their own thing. And they are in the same age bracket as us. I am glad this show and their dad show is on the air because if gives kids, teens and adultssomething positive to watch to see we are making progress