"Road to Redemption" featuring TI

Clifford "TI" Harris, recently interviewed by CNN on a piece entitled ‘Road to Redemption.’ T.I. has a number one album and single, as well as a one-year jail term in his future. Denise Quan explains.

CNN: But it seems as though some artists are holding back in terms of their involvement because they don’t want to hurt their candidate.

T.I.: Absolutely. You know, when you look at the situation with Ludacris [who wrote a pro-Barack Obama song that was condemned by the Obama camp for its negative lyrics about other politicians], I would not want my support of someone to hinder their chances. I think you have to know what helps and what hurts.

CNN: You can’t vote because you’re a convicted felon.

T.I.: As far as I know, that is the case.

CNN: How much does that hurt? Is there a candidate you want to support?

T.I.: Well, man, it isn’t necessarily about a candidate that I want to support. I feel like I owe that to my kids, my little cousins, everybody in the generation under me, to try to make this world a better place, this nation a better place. I am not going to focus on what I can’t do. I am going to focus on what I CAN do.

CNN: How many kids do you have now?

T.I.: Six.

CNN: Six?! How many kids do you want?

T.I.: I’ll have as many as the Lord blesses me with. So be it, as long as I have enough money to take care of them. I don’t ever want to have kids who don’t know their brothers and sisters. I want them all to grow up together, knowing each other, living together. I don’t ever want to have some secret children.