Creating a star....

Okay... Last year around this time I was focused on making two of my friends R&B stars, but it fail through because of all three are ends. But this time around its totally different. I have one artist and he is my fave. Rob Devine. Rob has a passion for this. And I have the passion to make him great beyond his beliefs. With the both of our know how's and the connect we both have by 4th quarter (october- december) Rob should be signed and he can have his benz...smiles

Here are some pictures of Rob Devine

That was Rob's first Photo shoot a year ago. This time around we will be on location either in LA or ATL. 9 out 10 it will be in ATL because he has studio time coming with a great guy named HANK... Well, I am on the hunt for new clothes and vocal coach and other stuff. I am also writing some songs. Maybe Rob will do one or we can co-write one.


ps. if you know any photographers/vocal coachs let me know asap thanks