The evolution of MAN

Okay, I'm a picky dresser and even picker when it comes to what my man is wearing. No, I don't sit there and get him dressed, but I have in input in his wardrobe because he is a reflection of me. And I am a reflection of him. So, I am gorgeous all the time even in my baseball cap

Kanye West wearing a nice suit with a polo shirt and the orange epi louis vuitton duffle bag.

David Beakham wearing a blazer with crisp white shirt at a press conference

Pharrell Williams wearing purple label sweater with crisp white shirt and colorful

Adam brody in slim black suit and tie. If I was a Jewish girl I surely would be hollering at him..LOL

A.I. when i was younger my teen years I was obsessed with his every move. I watched every game. I had my dad order the NBA channel so i could...LOL. I love his appeal

Jay-Z is a man of my own heart. Cause his swagger is sickening!!! I love him in street wear, causal wear and dressed up. He is a renaissance man. LOVE it!!!

I just think a man should put as much effort into his outfit as the woman he is with. Why can't they both be BEAT out their minds...