Chanel J12 Watch

Chanel J12 Details: From Top Left - Bottom

1.] Chanel J12 42mm Watch [black]: about $14,003.53
2.] Chanel J12 42mm Watch [White w./ Sapphires + Diamonds]: about $53,092.48
3.] Chanel J12 42mm Watch [White w./ Pink Diamonds]: about $11,046.66

The Chanel J12, I have been wanting a J12 for the last 4 years now and I still don't have one on my wrist. Maybe the steep price tag has hinder me or the fact that I don't even rock a watch. I bought a juicy couture watch in Janurary and dropped $500 on that and I barely wear it. But since I get ask for whatever on my graduation present list, this might be one of the top five. Cause I have a volvo that is paid for(by me I might add), I'm living in the family house in the ATL when I graduate. So there is nothing I really need. And they have a J12 that is $4,500 and its cute too.