Top 5 Spring Trends

Spring is here so lets get your wardrobe together. I recently talk to Kar at Clotheshorse and she gave me her top 5 great picks for you to add to your closet:

1) PINK. The most powerful color on the runway! Wear it with hot corals for a look that says spring 2009.

2) COLORFUL CARDIGANS. It becomes your new jacket. Wear it belted for a look that is truly updated.

3) SNAKESKIN ACCESSORIES. A shoe, a bag, the real deal or a print. Chic reptilian motifs are the perfect exotic touch for your warm weather wardrobe.

4) STATEMENT SHOES. Sky-high stilettos defined the runway and will define your look for spring with sexy shoes that bring your wardrobe excitement from head to toe.

5) ONE-SHOULDER DRESSING. From New York to Paris, the one shoulder bared itself on every runway.


LMAO said...

Thanks, these are all very good tips and by what I receive in my inbox... very true trends:) i love everything except the cardigans, that'd be a waste of money for me! lol