Thrift Finds

Thrifting... is AWESOME. It has been said over and over that we as people need to find other outlets for shopping because of the "recession", but some still haven't gone as far as thriting. Well, it happens to be one of my favorite things to actually do. To me its more fun then just swiping my credit card at barney's. The reason is the high and excitment that comes when you find something that is to die for and its only 1.99!!! Sweet deal. Here are some of my recent Thrift finds.

Suede large clutch $1.25
Hot Pink and black fitted dress $4.75 & light pink summer dress $2.99
Lime green & black over night bag $4.99
Dooney & Burke bag $1.99
Lime Green Adidas hoodie .75cents
Chocolate Woven mirror 14.99 brand new
Im loving everything I bought. Tomorrow the Goodwills are having a 50% off day... So excited


LMAO said...

Hmmmm, I haven't been in a thrift store in forever!! But, I do agree that they have some steals in there:) Plus, you can always add to or take away from a garment to suit your tastes!!

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!! THOSE WERE GREAT DEALS!! I really need to start thrift shopping again!!