JB August Interview

What's up people, today I wanted to put the spotlight on somebody I personally believe is about to be the next person to shake up the music industry. We have spotlighted him before but since then there has been a couple changes for the good. So lets get to it

Tee: First, you are going by JB August now, right? Can you explain why?

JB: Ive been askd this question soooo many times (lol)... But "J.B. August" is a name that truly describe me as a person (on & off the mic/ camera/ stage etc. etc.)... "CiTiBoI" was a real cliche` name, ya kno... I feel like it was disrespectful towards my music, if it was representd with a cliche` name ya feel me. I feel like the music is a breathe of fresh air to the industry/ world, so I wantd that good quality name behind it. Besides, J.B. August is real marketable... I can use it in other forms of entertainment, ya kno.

Tee: Can you tell how its been since you dropped your first single on 08/08/08

JB: Um, its been kinda crazy (sorta say)... I havent gotten much sleep cuz every night I`m in a different venue promoting & showing my face.

Tee: Are you on a promotional tour?

JB: Naw, we haven't started the tour yet...Although, I cant wait to hit the road. (If you want us to come to your city, holla at us!)

Tee: Do you have any events you will be performing at the rest of the summer or going into the fall?

JB: As far as summer goes, I'm basically through with performing. I'm focusing on this fall tho (it should be something real major)... When I perform, I love to give a show & give tha crowd its money worth, yakno. Get the crowd into the performances...

Tee: When are going to be shooting a video for "I Jus Wanna"?

JB: Well, I'm thinkin of some concepts for a video as we speak. I wana do something different, ya kno... When we do the video tho, of course you can be the main feature. Its goin be feature ALL over (myspace/ facebook/ youtube, etc etc) anywhere you can put a video, lol...

Tee: What else is new in your life right now?

JB: Im still the same dude. Enjoyn life & everything it has to offer, ya feel me...Lifes to short & gas to high to be complaining (lol)... Im still deeply in love with music, so if any young ladies out there want me, you gota fight for me (lol... Naw but Im single & enjoyn it. I have a major mixtape that drops in the fall entitled "Silence B4 the Storm" 14 tracks of jus good quality music & skits, lol... All can enjoy, lol. Im looking forward to signing major & making the industry my home but until then continue to keep God first & let him lead me in the right direction.

Tee: Once again can you tell the readers how they can catch up with you?

JB: If they wana chat & get to know me alil better, you can catch me at myspace.com/jbaugust or facebook me "J.B. August" If you are a promoter or have an event & you want me to come kill it or collabos... send all booking inquiry to jbaugust.live@gmail.com.
I look forward to hearing from & talking with many of you in future... God Bless
"Love, Huslte, Sacrifice"
-J.B. August


T-Charry said...

JB August...I likes him, LOL! He is SEX-AY...new faces are ALWAYS good ;)