Item of the week

Hurricane Ike was suppose to work over Dallas, but it didn't we got rain on Saturday for what seem like 5 hours tops. And then Sunday came with the sun. (To those who were effect my prayers are with you and your family)

So, what is a girl to do when the sun comes out and has money in her pockets. Go train for an Olympic sport that many cannot obtain the gold in.....Shopping!!! Yes, shopping is a sport that most cannot grasp and will never be able to understand the need to rush to LV cause the limited edition ostrich pink speedy bag came out and only 6 were made. Well, I am the one who gets a high from shopping and being fresh to death all day long.

So, what did this shopaholic pick up well out & about in the galleria. By the picture of above you can tell it came from my favorite store. Louis Vuitton. I walked in and my fave LV women Marleigh spotted me and I spotted her and then we discussed what I was needing in my life. I told her I was in dire need of some LV therapy but I new it wasn't a purse or shoes I wanted. And then we remembered I hadn't purchased a new scarf for the fall. So we went thru all of them and I feel in love with the one below. I have millions of scarves but I new I wanted a black one cause I gave all those away. So what do you think of my purchase.