SoL-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams album review

Okay, I was elated that tuesday came so fast. First, my book came in "The One Hundred" by Nina Gracia & Solange second album dropped. So, I rushed to pick up both. To my surprise the cd as only 7.99...yes not the normal 9.99. So I bought two... hehehe one for the car and one for the apartment. I do that with a plethora of my albums especially if I really like the artist. Well, I gonna give you the REAL review of the album...

God Given Name: is the business. I don't live in anyone shadows but starting the ablum witht his track was the best move. It told people this me and get ready to listen what I have to say. Its only 2 minutes but you get the jest that quickly.

T.O.N.Y: Alot of bloggers and other individuals are saying this is the new "tyrone". I kinda agree. The track is awesomely cool. It has me up and dancing and loving the lyrics

Sandisco castle: Is my second fave song on the album. I was discussing it with my guy friend and he said it was the fly and digged the video concept....

I Decided:
Is my FAVE track. I remembered when it leaked, I immediately download it to my iphone so it could be a ringer and put it in my running music collection. I really relate to the song maybe thats why I Love it so much.

Cosmic Journey ft. Bilal: Words can not describe the feeling that comes through my body when I hear this song. It is so beautiful song its unbelievable.

Okay I can go on and on about how great this album is but i feel you must be a fan of real music to understand. I personally believe that this an album you would perform at medium venues not large arenas.. this is not stadium status. I say that because it gives you the vibe of being back when music was the thing that soothed your soul. It gaves you that tingle up your spine. It is the music that helps express how you feel and to uplift yourself. Not like now when people are rapping about jewelry and the whips they have. The album is perfectly arranged and her vocals are amazing. I can't wait until she comes to Dallas or Houston to perform cause I will be the first to buy my ticket....

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Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams ALBUM in stores NOW


Belle Cheveux said...

Solange is doing BIG things! I'm so loving Sandcastle Disco right now.