Item of the week

Okay, I am addicted to shopping and I have not found a vice that will make me stop going to boutiques or the mall. Maybe when I have real grown up issues then I will stop. (I highly doubt it...LOL) Well, lately I haven't really found anything that makes me want to swipe my American Express card until yesterday. I was out about looking for stuff for my apartment when I came across these:

no name black alligator material peep toes & Nine West royal suede blue

The black pumps came from Burlington Coat Factory for $19.99. I was searching for some booties when this caught my eye.

Cut outs are all the rage for the fall

Nine West royal suede blue pumps came out last year. I remember so vividly because I wanted them for Bayou Classic 07.

They are very comfy and I love the color. The best part was they were ONLY $15.99


LilMissUrban said...

those shoes are gorgeous, i love the colour of the blue nine west ones, yummy!