Fancy by Jessica Simpson

This weekend I happen to be shopping at Macy's and while there I wanted to test out new perfumes. I have been wearing the same two scents for a VERY LONG time. YSL paris & Ralph Laurens's romance. I wanted to try Fabulosity but they didn't have it. So, the sales rep referred me to Jessica's new perfume "Fancy". Honestly I was very skeptic cause I didn't like her Dessert Beauty line, a collaboration with Clean's Randi Shinder. Fancy is a FANTASTIC fragrance for me. It was not overpowering or loud. I received several complements about what fragrance I was wearing. So its a LOVE IT!!!

Fancy Jessica Simpson was developed by perfumer Alexis Dadier. It's available in 50 ($49) and 100 ml ($59) Eau de Parfum and in matching body lotion (177 ml; $30). via Macy's


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