Rachel Zoe fashion packing tips

Summer vacation might be over for some or might just beginning for others, but we all struggle with one thing. PACKING. I have overcome my fear of packing by making a list a week prior and over analyzing everything after I packed it, but for those who have Rachel Zoe provides some quick tips in her book, Style A to Zoe:

Single girlfriends: sexy dresses, high heels, and lots of jewelry for a riot of a time.

Family: more comfortable outfits, and not as many options, because you can repeat looks with your family.

Significant others: their favorite things and yours, including those little nothings that could make your trip sexier.

Business associates: business attire that doesn't easily wrinkle, including a dressy option in case dinner follows the big meetings.

Rachel also has a new show The Rachel Zoe Project that will be airing on Bravo. It will detail her life as her and her team try to dress and impress Hollywood.