walking around shoes

Okay, I am suppose to be working on homework for my MBA classes, but if I am on the computer I am gonna end up blogging or looking for new finds....so while browsing I found a couple of walking shoes that I want to buy, but don't need to buy and of course they are not the normal pair of walking shoes....

Louis Vuitton Capucine Monogram Canvas Sneaker.... the pink lace got me all wrapped up & I just like flats so i want these two

Burberry is not as big here as it is in London, but I love it. I have bags, perfume and a dog carrier. Love the shoes. They make the best ballet flats.

Tory Burch, was once a New York socialite that turned her being at home bored hobby into a million dollar company. And these flats go great for your bright trends to follow this summer.

Giuseppe Zanotti versus the con

okay, I was about to tell you to go to Steve Madden cause I like these certain shoes, but I am tired of this ex-con coping everything here is another example of his theft skills... First pair are the Giuseppe