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Everyone loves to jam to great music, but our music industry is selecting individuals who lack talent but look good in half naked... I HATE that with a passion. I am about real music and how it can help me through my problems or just put a smile on my face. Are you tired of feeling like you can't relate to the music that is out now? If you answered yes, I am here to help. Throughout the summer I will be doing post on unsigned artist, concert dates, Cds to buy and anything else you want to know. My first post on music this summer will be an introduction. So, let me introduce


Okay, I call him Jay but you can call him CitiBoi. CB is an upcoming artist in the ruthless music industry that is so cut throat you would think they are the mob. Well, I am certifying him as one of the next big things to come out of the music industry. I am not going to give you the details on how he became my go to guy and why if I was a single chick I would be trying to be rocking his chain...LOL but I will let him speak for himself and give all the details. So check out the interview below... Oh yeah that is how CB talks so don't be asking me why didn't I do a spell check or correct his grammar. I am gonna let him be him....

How did u get your start?

CiTi: Well umm, (haha) growing up in a household full of musicians, I guess you could say I got my start from my roots. Being the baby brother of 4, I was forced to jus sit back, relax & play my role... and my role was basically listening & learning & takn notes yakno! Umm, I been in & out of studios since tha age of 12-13... Being backstage or in the audience and watchn how people were going literally crazy over my brothers (Jus3, R&B group) just for doing something that they loved todo, I was like I could get use to this (haha). Umm, since tha age of 15 tho, I been takn OH SO SERIOUS (haha)... Was a high school sensation & it seems like everyday I`m striving closer & closer to greatness.

Who has influenced you in music style?

CiTi: My Top 5 favorites (not in this particular order) are Lupe, Ludacris, Jay, Lauryn Hill & Kanye West ( u can also throw lil' Wayne in tha mix aswell) ... Of course I LOVE to listen to others who are keepn it 100 with Hip Hop but these artist are more standout in my eyes, yakno.?.My style is what I call literally "Best Of Both Worlds" An eastcoast flow style with a soul-southern deliever... (WEIRD) lolol...

What makes you different from everyone else that is out right now?

CiTi: Um, One thing I can say straight off the TOP! is that "IM STAYN TRUE TO MYSELF" Yeah, I make my music so others can groove & jam with it but at the end of tha day its ALLL about self-satisfaction... When I make a song (HIT) Im not thinkn bout "HOW CAN I SELL THIS SONG?" BUT "IS THIS SONG ME?" I think other artist get so caught up & trapped into their music ( and what they see) to the point where it morphes them into something there not.

How do you come up with lyric's?

CiTi: When I write, I like to be ALONE! It doesnt take me that long to write a verse or a few verses. I like to always have a dictionary, or sumthn by my side... simply cuz I like to switch rythm patterns and so when I wana use a different word out of the ordinary I can always look it up or see what it means. I will never have nobody write my lyrics for me tho (unless we jus experiment`n)

Your single "I jus wana" is getting alot play who was the inspiration for the song?

CiTi: (HAHAHA) I wrote "I Jus Wana" about 2 yrs ago. ( or I should say, I thought of the concept 2 yrs ago) The inspiration behind that song is (Shout Out To My Beautiful Women) But NO disrespect but sometimes fellas go thru phases where I Jus Wana... (haha) ya kno. And it doesnt have to be with a different female everytime ( I hope not, lol) but we crave it, (lol). I had a young lady at the time and umm, (haha) tha mind works in mysterious ways, I guess can say!

Do you have a team that you work with your music?

CiTi: Yeah, I have crew (shout out to the L&Ds aswell as tha label Starving Artist Music Ent.) but my music comes from ME! I have an in-house producer ("I Jus Wana"= D.J. Jones) But I produce ALOT of my own music and if i didnt make tha actual track PLEASE BELIEVE I had a major say so and alot of different inputs...

Who is your manager?

CiTi: Umm, I dont have an actual manager (searchn) but I have what I call "REPS" in different places. My mentor is my brother Geno. Anything decisions thas made are ran by him & made official b/c I feel like he`ll NEVER lead me wrong! He has been thru what Im going thru so he`s more of a comfort zone for me.

How can people learn more about you & hear your music?

CiTi: If ANYBODY wants to get into contact with me or hear some music, hit me up on myspace.com/citi22504 and if ANYBODY has a business prop. get with us at citi22504@yahoo.com or gmail.com (or the myspace page aswell) But I do answer ALOT of my messages but sometime I'm getn so many I cant hit everybody back at the sametime so if I dont reply to the first jus PLEASE send another one!

What do you do for fun other than music?

CiTi: Honestly, Ima laid back, cool, PRIVATE dude... I like to watch movies, and I get my shop on (lol) I LOVE traveln and meetn new people. I like to eat alot sometime ( I go thru phase tho with that, ha) I love to chill with my family and HONESTLY I love to act my age.

What is your clothing style?

CiTi: Hmm... I love rockn buildn ups but the HAVE to be Tailor`d fit. When you look in my closet you`ll see a whole clothing line of Daniel Cremieux (the french designer) I love his buttons ups. Jean wises, Im getn my Levy on right about na. Um, True Religions, Paper Denim and thas about it jean wise. An Overall Look for me is a Suave, Casual on my grown man status. Real Gentlemen like, YA DIGG!

Is there anything you want to tell your fans?

CiTi: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For ALLLL the L.O.V.E. from the BOTTOM of my heart! Its 2008 BABE` just be prepared for something fun & funky (in a good way, lol) Tell ya friends, ya parents, etc etc etc etc...

My favorite quote is; "Love, Hustle, Sacrifice is the key to success..."
- Jeremy Bullock

How old are you and where you located?

CiTi: Im 19 yrs old (August 22, I`ll be 20) & Im located in Louisiana... (But you can catch anywhere so dont be surprised if you see me in a citi near you)

Is there someone special in your life?

CiTi: (HAHA) Currently, there is... Her name is Hip Hop, lol... Naw, real talk Im single & real focus`d... You gota respect it. BUT it could be you over there with the skin tight jeans sippn an apple martini OR the young lady whos takn the time to read this interview, hmm ;-)...


Alayna said...

thas my boy...big ups to him and prayin for his continued success!!!