Are u a MOB girl???

I am....yes I am Married to the M.O.B.

If you don't know what I am talking about you must have been living under a rock for God knows how long. These street saavy girls have brought us the best in tees and great blogging for quite some time. And if you are lucky in live in the Ny you can always catch Leah s spinning the hots tunes in great unknown party that you wish you were at. Well, one day I was vintage hunting on their blog and I found this and I thought you might enjoy. So enjoy and make sure you cop that "let's talk shit" shirt....LOL

I think that many of us have over 1,000 questions that stream through our "ever - so" television conditioned brain cells on a everday basis. I so happen to take 100 questions with the hopes that maybe one or two of them will be you think that you can?

1.) Why is it that women don’t find the correct bra’s to accommodate their breast size?
2.) Why is it that some men feel the need to wear super tight jeans...and have the audacity to have their ass cracks showing?
3.) Why is it that when we see old people riding the train....some of us [and I stress some of us] fail to give up our seats in the name of respect?
4.) Why is it that we give advice to people...especially when they ask - knowing damn well they won’t ever listen to us?
5.) Why is it that people talk so much shit....and never have anything to back it up with?
6.) Why is it that rent is being increased....when in all reality there is no real reason to do so?
7.) Why is it that there are so many damn Cable channels....and yet there is still NOTHING to watch?
8.) Why is it that the NYPD cops are so trigger happy?
9.) Why is it that there are so many non-violent inmates in jail? Hence...prostitutes...crackheads...dope fiends...etc..etc?
10.) Why is it that the MTA keeps jerking the shit out of straphaggers with bullshit ass fare increases...when the subway service fucking sucks?
11.) Why are there so many beauty supply stores in the hood?
12.) Why do people order chicken wings & french fries at Chinese Food restaurants?
13.) Why is it that girls wear shoes that always hurt their feet?
14.) Why is it that when a women meets a man....the first topic at hand always leads into sex?
15.) Why is it that pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that give us crazy side affects?
16.) Why is it that people feel the need to walk up on your ass when patroling the streets of New York?

Go check out the rest at mobliving
ps. I really like 11, 12, 15,31, 34 just 2 name a few