TEAM Vanessa Bryant

I am not understanding that bitchassness that is ensuing the blog community and the news world. I agree with Vanessa on cursing that journalist out. First, of people need to respect people fashion game unless is its just whack. In which her choice was NOT!!! I love this outfit. It works for the event. It is not an outfit to rock in the streets. But if my husband just won MVP and I had haters on me I would rock this. Cause it would only cause haters to talk even more. And nobody was talking about the outfit until that chick Laura got cursed out and then but herself on blast about being cursed out.

My second point of the evening is stop hating on Vanessa. She is made. Kobe will not divorce her cause he aint that dumb and it wouldn't be that great of a business move. Yes, business move cause man got stacks on stacks.... So she already knows her man does his thing on the side. I don't see now no one driving an AUTOMATIC Lambo.... cause they don't make them to sale and it cost to many stack to make it if you wanted one, but VB got it in yellow. Oh and dont forget that 4 millon dollar ring. I would be sitting there with a smile and laughing at the people hating. I am on team VANESSA. And plus I like how she dresses and would kill to get a hold of some of those handbags she has.

FINALLY, some people wish they had the guts to rock such a cute outfit. I beat even Eva wore wouldn't nobody be saying SHIT!!!