Summer Travel tips & stylish luggage

Memorial day weekend is right around the corner and for some that marks the start of the summer. So, have you got everything in order for your trip. Have you thought about where you are going, what you are bring or better yet do you have the luggage to carry all your wonderful items.

Packing tips
1. Make a list and stick to it
List everything from the clothes you want to where to your hygiene products you must bring. Then layout all the items before packing that way you wont forget anything.

2. Pick a color scheme
A overloading your suitcase with billions of options is not a great thing unless your Kimora and you change three times a day. Pick a color palette and stick to it. It will be easier to travel. Because your accessory will go with all the outfits and you prolly only need five shoes instead of the 20.

3. Avoiding Wrinkles
I hate when I pack something for a trip and then I pull it out the bag and its all wrinkles up. So, to handle this pack all similar clothes together and have them on top of the heavier clothes.

4. Storage for smaller items
All your hygiene products should be in one bag and all your jewelry should be in another. You can always buy a style bag to carry each in or you don't want to break the bank just go get a ziploc bag.

Well know that you know what to pack and how to pack where shall you put it all. I have found several stylish luggages bags for you to chose from.

1. Marc Jacob has two options over at

2. Diane von furstenburg gives you three piece for $249 @

3. LV lovers can always find want they need at Eluxury. They over a wide variety of travel gear the stylish girl on the go. The LV bag runs for $975.

4. Macy's provides a wide selection of luggage for you to chose from a resonable price so you don't break the bank.

Have fun on your summer vacation!!!