The ideal BRA just for you

Have you ever gonna into a department store lingerie department and they asked to fit you? Well, I get asked all the time and I normally say no. Then after watching an episode of Oprah I had to go in. The basis of the show was women wearing clothes wrong for their body and how women in America wear the wrong size bra. Well, I was one of the many women who were completely off in the bra size. I had been wearing the same size since God knows how long.... LOL So, I went into my local Nordstrom's and a lovely sales associate took my measurements and put me the best fitting strapless bra ever. Mind you I am not small chested so this bra was AMAZING, FANTASTIC, & OUTRAGEOUSLY great all at the same time. I really don't like Victoria Secrets because I feel they really are worth their price and that I don't feel comfortable walking around the mall with a VS bag..... LOL( I feel like everyone is wondering what is in my bag). I have used a couple great companies to comply the list. Click on the picture for more information. I hope this helps




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