Le Freak, 'Cest Chic!

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Le Freak, 'Cest Chic!

Le Freak, 'Cest Chic, starts of by saying why be AVERAGE. Why consume yourself in picking apart how you look, your hair, body type, your accent or bizzare family or anything else. Kimora says "THANK God you're not average". And I do. Cause when you are average you are you are being safe, staying within your comfort zone, and it is boring and the most important it is not FABULOUS!!!

She points out how the most incredible artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs have always had the most awkward and unconfortable beginnings. There is a saying she says and I say it every morning now

"I (tasha sanchelle) am a Gucci-sandal-wearing, paparazzi-attracting, multi-company owning grown woman" Cause in 5 years I will be expect I already rock the gucci shoes I just need the pap n the company!!!

Throughout the next couple of pages she explains how she felt awkward at home, comparing her life to the Cosby and how if she was a normal kid she would have a strawshort cake collection in her home. Then she also elaborates on how in middle school the girls would call her "chinky giraffe". The "chinky" part was because of her mom and the giraffe part was because she was tall.... side note* I hate mean girls who think they are the shit and from cliques and push people out of them if they don't your mold.

Then Ms. Kimora explains how her mom saw her pain so she enrolled her in modeling school. Kimora now doesn't recommend modeling school cause she feels "the majority of them are designed to take girls' money and give them false promises of modeling stardom." Her first gig as a model was a "freeze model", she made $250.00 just to sit and look into space!!!! Finally at the tender age of 13 she left to Paris. She didn't speak a lick of French. She explains on how she became the "fit model" for Karl Lagerfield" During the passages, she explains how the parisian loved her cause was "exotic". And how designers told her that all the time, but sometimes she did get "she not black enough or she not Asian" .

Kimora explains that women need to make the differenes their trademarks. Embrace them instead of burying them six feet under. Being different from the norm is a blessing not a curse.

Kimora's top five freak-chic tips
  1. Don't try to change yourself to fit a stifling status quo. Find people who are like you instead of trying hard and even harder to be with people that don't appericate your true beauty and talents.
  2. Never compare yourself to others. Don't wish, the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  3. Act like you are the product and the promoter. Embrace what makes you, you and don't let people water it down.
  4. When in doubt, move further away from the center. Exaggerate your difference and use them to stand out even more!
  5. If you really want to change your looks and are considering surgery, please wait until your out of your teens. Your body is still growing, and with age comes grace and more beauty.
She also mentions how you should dress like your going to bump into your worse enemy. And I told agree with that. Image you are at Target getting grocery and look pulled together and awesome and you run into her (your enemy) she is in sweats hair a mess and looking like she lost a fight with her dog.... She mad cause you look AWESOME... That will build anyone self esteem in 5 seconds...

Keep your life in the Fab lane. Law 3 tomorrow.