Relationship talk

Can you be in a relationship and not know it. I know that sound funny, but it is true technically. I personally believe you can connect with someone and be in a relationship with them without even having that title of BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. You and that person have become comfortable with each other. The person now can see you with out make up or with that bomb ass wrap or with those dirty g nikes...LOL It's funny to me cause i can connect with alot people on many different levels, but when i am connect to someone i like its a whole new world.

I.E. When me and my ex were together i felt everything he went through and the same for him. I got sick, he got sick too. I was sad he could feel i was sad and i would get text or phone call like whats wrong. I like the non relationship i am. Its funny how you want a relationship but not all the issues. It's just at this point I'm still worried about being cheating on and the trust issue. I don't trust people that easy anymore i guess that's a good thing...LMAO. So, instead of looking for the silver lining in the relationship i look for skeletons to fall out the closet.

I use to be really optimistic then everything changed. I am happy and optimistic about life just not men anymore. I know not all men lie and cheat, it's i want to be happy by myself for awhile. Only way I'll go into a relationship is if i am happy with the status of me and that person. And right now i technically have a good relationship.... Barnes and nobles and movie nights...LOL