Karrine Steffans

Karrine Steffans is beautiful. Many people hate on her for various reason, but I personally believe people hate because they are envious of what you. So, why hate on an African American women that is doing her thing.

Yes she admits to adulating sex with money, but that is her past, before she realize her full potential. Not everyone wakes up with a tiffany's silver spoon in their mouth. Some people got to hustle and she did what she had to do.

I personally admire her. She has so much going for her. Her website is AWESOME and it gives an inside look into her life. She is BALLIN and literally needs no man to take care of her or her son. Which i may say is a handsome young man. I was recently looking at her new video blog from MIAMI and she had no make up on and her was every where, but she was beautiful. Not everyone especially African American women will be seen without there hair done. She even did a blog without her weave.

I am excited for her second book because I read the first in two days. It is slated for a September release, but if you can't get wait that long she team up with FD motoring to do an accessories line for cars... Her range is fly...

go to www.karrine.com to get more info on a women that has grown beyond measures in the last couple of years....