Black Fashion Icons of my time

I love fashion more than the normal girl. I literally think about it all day... When I am post to be working. Well, I decieded to take a page from my style icons. These women are always looking gorgeous. Never a dual look. And I love them all equally, but kelly and kerry a little bit more!!!

Kerry in Gucci shades

Kelly Rowland in London leaving the BBC radio station

Gabe... looking uberly cute

Zoe looking fab at her bday party @ TAO in Las Vegas

Jada... my fave actress turn rock n roll singer

Cici... she is here in BR filming her movie "Mama I want to sing"

Amerie.... i can't wait until her Cd drops cause i will be buying it

Vanessa & Angela.... i love them... stylish, young and strong black women... just like me...LOL

Those are my fave women... I love Bey she just get to must press for me. I rather stick with the regular down to earth chicks like me