Kim kardashian

1. She is a stylist
2. She is a co-owner of DASH clothing in LA
3. She is women that dates hot guys other women wish they could date.

I don't believe in hating on anyone about anything. Especailly over a man. She has been linked up to several mens (Nick Cannon, Ray-J, Marcus Houston and Reggie Bush). If that's who she wants to date let it be. All, I can say if you don't want them anymore Kim, give Reggie and Nick my number and it will be all gravy in my book.

Kim has an AWESOME fashion game!!! One day Enews was interviewing her and she said she made her first buck selling the manolo blahnik boots that J.LO wore in her video!!! Girl has a mean business game.

Don't get me wrong I am obessed with celebirty fashion not the celebrity. Yeah I can tell who's dating who, who has a baby on the way or whatever but nine times out of ten when i am reading people, OK, intouch or star is because i want to know the new it bag or jeans or shoes of the season...

I would love to have kim as a friend cause she would be awesome shopping buddy, that i bet is so truthful when you try on an outfit.

I am making sure I stop by dash when I am in LA!!!