Okay, I LOATHE fake people, purses, clothing anything that is not the real thing. I have a personal belief that "rock what you can rock and don't knock off". If you ona target level stay on that level until you can afford the real thing. I hate spotting fakes. I have an awesome eye cause all my shit is real. My gucci, fendi, louis, burberry, ysl, marc jacobs, primp or juicy outfits! aint nothing of mine fake cause i dont have time for it. So please do me & you a favor don't come around me with a person or don't be fake. Cause I will call you out. You might be like I like you fendi and I'm going be like yeah I got it from Mike the fendi store in houston , where did you get yours...oh off harwin... dat shit aint real. Stay in ur playing field. There's the little league, Junior Division, Minors and Majors. Im lucky to be in the minors when some people my age are in the little league still.


PS. Those wack purse parties need to stop. ASAP