Chic Tips for a Chic Chick

Have you heard of someone saying that they dont wear white? Well, I use to be one of those people because stains are like my best friends. I dont know how I get them but Ill see it and then be mad at myself and the fact I dont have a Tide pen next to me. Well, here is some ingredients & instructions on how to remove some stains

Club Soda-when wearing white dab some on your item smoothly and then let it sit before washing
White Vinegar- for arm pit stains, warm up the vinegar and let soak on the stained spot then wash in warm water
Bayers- Crush some up and throw it in with your whites it helps brigthen them
Salt- Red wine stains: let the salt abosrb into the stain then rinse with cold water
Oxy Clean: I just throw it in with every wash
Tide to-g0: should be in every womens purse!!! If all else falls tide is your friend

You can find Stain Removal tips on this website that cover from crayons to motor oil


LMAO said...

Yes, all of these are great to use:) The Tide To Go is a girl's best friend while wearing white!! I keep it in my purse because I'm always spilling and dropping things!