A fellow reader wanted some FRESH kick for chicks. With several designers understanding the fact that chicks need kicks too various DOPE designs have emerged. Once again Shopstyle has help me put together of a mix of kicks...

TANK TOPS... I know so random but if you search my closet and dresser drawers you will find millions of plain white tees, & tanks cami. I have assortment of colors but for some odd reason like clock work I am always buying news ones when I go shopping.

HEADBANDS have been a craze over young Hollywood for a hot second but the "real world" has really just caught on to this trend. I am addicted to them and I OBSESSING every time I see one I want.


Gia;) said...

OMG!! I love almost all of those shoes!! Also, I love to wear tees and tanks:) I don't know why... that's my lounge attire. It's an easy and comfortable style. That's why I need to update my kicks... I cannot get into the headband thing though... Thanks Tee:)