Lucky Iphone application

Lucky At Your your new personal shopping concierge who will find those shoes that were in the July issue of Lucky magazine. You can download the iphone app or use the web interface to choose the shoes you want in your size, then an email or text message will be sent back to you within ten minutes informing you if it's in stock or not. If it's in stock, they will automatically put it on hold for you too! Still mystified on how it all works? Watch the video to see it in action, and most importantly, use it and soon enough you'll be singing its praises!


Gia;) said...

Hmmmm, interesting.... Now, all I have to do is ditch my BlackBerry with Sprint PCS, pay a cancellation fee, and buy an iPhone!! LOL!!! I'll pass on this one... but, it looks like something that I'd add if I already had an iPhone:)