She runs the streets of NYC

If you don't know her by now you need to get to know her. Like I have said in previous post Tee runs the streets better than the boys of the NYC. She recently sat down with the vine and gave the goods.

Trashbag Aesthetic keeps us in touch with New York City's fashion goings on like nobody's business. Mafia chats with the main woman, Tee, as she takes a minute out of her hectic schedule.

Yo Tee, how did your life lead you to become the mayoress that runs New York with Trashbags Aesthetics?
Mayoress...nice! Well it's kind of ill how it happened. After losing my job years back I swore up and down that I wasn't going to work for anyone! Straight up! My little journey all began with selling a pair of barely worn LV kicks that were in my closet, which I posted on eBay!

TrashBagAesthetics used to be called ‘Invade My Closet’ - the term was literal! After a while it all became too high maintenance to keep up with the whole eBay trend at that time.

What exactly is a trashbag's 'aesthetic'?
Dita Von Teese was doing an interview and mentioned celebrity styles that she admired. Her description was and I quote ‘trashbag aesthetic’, and while she used the term loosely, it stuck in my mind. The whole name in itself culminates around an entire movement of non-conformists everywhere, who truly believe in individuality.

Hailing from New York. How does the city inspire you and your career?
Good question...believe it or not NYC is just a melting pot for pretty much everything. And while NYC goes forward, I tend to revert backward towards everything - OLD SCHOOL. I can't front, I don't like to keep up with the times. Lately everything thing just sounds & looks the same especially in the city. I guess it goes with that New Yorker mentality...we Love & Hate this city all at the same time. But to answer your question...being from NYC pumps that high -octane ambition into your blood. Sleep is forbidden if you want to really make it. So my goal is to indeed make it with the notable sites out on the web right now.

How do you rise above the 'trend' of being in this scene and keep a solid reputation?
Doesn't this same thing happen like every year? It's crazy because even the ‘scene’ as a whole can be overly saturated. Honestly, my primary focus is to notice things no one else wants take notice of. Sneaker Freaker is always on the scene busting out the latest sneaker releases & news, along with Hypbeast, Freshness and High Snobiety shutting things down on the streetwear reporting forefront - people can't help but to drop a dime on everything ‘new’. I mean look at the ladies who have set a solid foundation in streetwear; Claw, MOB, Hellz - they've all spread inspiration across a multi faceted network of young up and coming designers, who are hungry to get in on the scene. I think to keep a solid reputation especially in this scene - you've got to be true to yourself and what you believe in.

Who is catching your eye as far as design and originality is concerned?
Lately, I've been checking out what's going down in New Zealand a lot. I am definitely feeling Deborah Sweeney. I love her clothing along with her worth ethic. She's got that touch...and her clothes are definitely practical.

What is one fashion trend that needs to see the backhand of your bitch slap?
The whole ‘80s / ‘90s way of dressing. To see it once in a while is cool, but GIVE ME A BREAK! Granted some folks have the look pat, however - I think that we've all had enough. And let's not forget the ‘high priced / poor mans look’ that just bugs me out to death. Why would you pay so much money for a T-shirt with stains on it? Forget the bitch about we (both) do a WWE body slam on that trend? Thank you very much!

Where do you think fashion will take us in the '09?
With the economy going the way that it is, companies/brands are going straight back to the basics. The good stuff. The recession can really bring out the best kinds of trends...believe it or not. Everyone is using their own imagination.
I ride for Tee and she is a real cool chick. So, go check out TBA cause it one of the blogs I read besides my own!!


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Alexa ;) said...

OMG, I love this!!! I feel a little dumb though. I have no clue about designers. All I know is what looks good together...:( Hopefully, I can learn more about fashion from Tee:) Thanks girl!!!