Man of style: Rob

I might HEART every celeb that I think has the epitome of style, but the only guy I truly heart is Rob Devine. He is a man style that is on the up. Oh yeah, I am his stylist maybe that's why I am biased...LOL. Plus he dope without even trying. Let me take this look and break it down:

1. Trench Coat
2. bow tie
3. Dress Shirt
4. Gucci belt
5. LV accessory
6. Dark skinnies
7. Kick

Well, here is Rob's look. I hope you can pull the look off with easy. I think its really sexy for a man to have a dope outfit on without even trying. Thats the epitome of style for me


Alexa ;) said...

I love ittttttt!!!! Too many dudes are running around with their pants hanging and over-sized shirts. I have to get ready for the bow tie though:/ If I met a man that worn a bow tie (in the proper manner) I'm sure that I could appreciate it:D