Bluefly's launchs Confessions of a shopaholic boutique

I have been waiting for the release of this movie for quite some time. Confessions of a Shopaholic hits theaters Feb. 13. Yes, this Friday!!! If, you have been watching tv you might have seen the commercials and during the commercials you can see and hear the references to bluefly. The website has decided to help fans get Isla Fisher's character Rebecca Bloomwood's looks. Furthermore they give us "shopaholic's" even more by having stylist Patricia Field explains her logic behind a few of the outfits and shares fun facts.


shanimer said...

There are some people having fun with shopping even they don’t have money in hand Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009 is the upcoming movie that have interesting story. I have seen the trailer, it was a good movie A girl that have explores her dreams because of the expenses many have seen it and wonderful movie it is. If you some one shopping badly better watch this movie.