Spring Trend Forecast

Spring is right around the corner and its creeping up on you faster than you think. Do you know what will be HAUTE in the spring or you just going to make slight changes to your wardrobe? Well, I am here to help either way.

Jeweled Necklines with rich colors:
Are essential an adding the va-voom to an outfit without even trying. You can try these looks.

Square Jewel Top via standard style
Vino Abiona Top via fashion chateau

Tangerine hues make bold statements:
Vibrant colors are essential with every designers spring/summer line.

Janet Dress via singers22

Marc Jacobs Stam via Neiman Marcus

cotton v-neck tee via j.crew

Shoulder dusting earrings:
When wearing pull your hair back because you don't want your hair & accessories competing.

Delilah Beaded Earrings
via XXI

Door knocker earrings via target


Alexa ;) said...

I love these items! I won't be able to do the earrings though (my ears would bleed). Is there a way that I can still get cheap earring but pay a little extra to get real gold posts???? I also love anything that Marc Jacobs designs...except that mess that he let Kanye handle:/