Lets shop your closet....

Hey Fashionista,

Do you feel that your closet is lacking because of the economic? Have you started questioning whether you should buy new shoes or sell your old shoes to pay extra on the bills? Well, you are not alone, millions of Americans are suffering from hard times. Don't fret thinking your committing fashion crimes by reworking things in your closet. Shopping your closet is the new thing in the fashion world, socialites around the globe have been doing for years.

So, where does a person start when they shop their closet. If you are not experienced fashion expert or stylish gal like me...LOL.. you can start by buying "Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style" by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli ($18). Melanie teaches you how to make a safe haven for your clothes so that you can, yes, go shopping in your own closet. She will go into details about how to clean out your closet, shop for items that flatter your body, make the best wardrobe for your lifestyle, rework your closet space, and store shoes and clothes so that they last longer.

My closet is well organized in my mind & I have shopped many times over. I am going to give you a tour of my small closet (alot of my clothes are STILL at my dads house). All the pictures below are some of my favorite items. I hope this helps you.

Old school camera... its for my shoes...MUST HAVE

SCARVES... I love them!!!
Burberry, LOVE quotes, Michael Kors, Juciy Coutore, XXI & target

I have alot of jeans but HABITUAL jeans are my FAVORITE

Fur vest & Black Blazer.
A blazer is an essential piece in any fashionista closet

army hat, grey hat, gucci belt, chloe belt, & BR belt
(my army hat is MY FAVORITE accesory)

I am a tshirt & jeans girl
I swear by Theory tanks, James Perse shirts, Eco Line, & UOF


Two my fave dresses

My actual closet

all my blue shirts

reds, pinks, oranges & browns

ALL my whites... i have many

I heart jeans...LOL

all my shoes are in boxes

my lovely boots.. look at my tan Uggs, been having them for years. I heart them

old School Dooney, Gucci, Fendi spy bag, Burberry, XXI, NW

Gryson, Louis Vuitton Monogram, LV Damier Ebony, LV speedy 30, Dooney

gucci wrislet, gucci, ramapage, prada, & Chloe
I know alot bags...LOL

Well, you seen my closet and you have seen all the great treasures I have in it. Here are some rules for when you shop your closet. If you still have the tag on the items try them on and see if they fit if not consignment shop. You should look at everything and see when the last time you have wore the item. If it has been awhile it needs to go into a consignment shop bag. First you consignment, what money you make you can buy more update items for your wardrobe. If there is any clothes let over take them to a women shelter or goodwill.