OK no really....LOL

For real this time I will be updating. Having a full time job and apply for this fashion merchandising grad program is getting to me.... but I promise to stop neglecting my readers... this post gonna have alot of quick hitters so braces yourself...LOL

In the meantime go check out this blogs

Phaon is one of my close friends and he writes about events & what not's goin on in the NYC... luxurious

I just ran across this blog idatewhite by reading one of my fave blogs singleblackmale
both blogs are great reads in give you the insight of the male mind

theybf, sandrarose, necole bitchie, bossip, drew reports, rhymeswsnitch & jenthepen can keep you post on the gossip news and business in the streets

video blitz

my future baby daddy IF he leaves TINY which I highly doubt it so I will stick with Jackie Long or Pharrell...
TI is wearing a gucci shirt. I know this cause my homeboy & I were looking at in the Gucci store & at Neiman Marcus

ps... someone get poppa knowles and let him know just cause you want to appeal to white american doesnt mean you need to make Bey look damn white past bright in the new loreal ad. No wonder Solo wrote this track Fu*k the industry signed sincerely

LOVE Keri Hilson, she every where (not like rihanna). I really don't like people saying the industry is trying to make her the next Beyonce, but they kinda are I hope they will let her run with doing her. Gotta find this top so I can look extra cute in Southlake

Bey's Obama progress top can be found at printfiction. I got mine at UTO and I got "Obama for your mama" at UTO... pic via people.com

Nitro:licious is having another Luxurie give away if you didn't win last time & she interviewed Dee & Ricky they designed the heart pin that everyone has been rocking & lego belt.

KID ROBOT is having sale... HELL yeah bitches I need to go scoop some stuff up

finally I will leave you with ....
Words of Wisdom
Whenever I feel like I am lacking something, the first thing I do is to give. If you need love, give love. If you need a hug, hug someone. If you need friends be friendly. If you need some money, give service. The law of giving and recieving is well & alive -Rev. Run