What's in your bag instyle edition....

People alike are always wondering what is in a womens bag.... I have let you guys catch a glimpse a couple times of what I stuff into mine. Well, over at Instyle they have a section all about what's in your bag. The section features all walks of life from actress, to staff members, to individuals like me and you send in their pictures.

Here is the very first entry made by Jenn the editor of instyle.com

In my opinion, the bigger the bag, the better—and if you ask me, that bag better be fabulous! As an editor at InStyle.com, I rely on my giant Chanel CoCo Cabana patent tote to get me from home to work to events and more, and it’s always packed with girl-on-the-go essentials. I carry my digital camera with me at all times—I’m obsessed with snapping candids, and when you live in New York City, you never know what you’re going to see! One perk of my job is getting a look at the hottest items before they hit stores, and having a camera on hand helps jog my memory when developing fashion and beauty stories. I absolutely adore my glittery pink Swarovski crystal-encrusted RAZR cell phone (boasting a sweet cherry blossom motif I designed myself) and depend on it to keep me in touch with my favorite people throughout the day. A true beauty junkie, I always have a sizable stash of shimmery lip glosses with me for quick touchups. And most importantly, when it comes to accessories, I find that my tried-and-true classic Louis Vuitton wallet (a gift from my mom) is the ultimate organizer for my credit cards, cash, ID and more.