Runs House Recap

Run's House season 5 was highly rated on MTV last night. Miley Justine Simmons was introduce to us on the first episode of the season.... So here is the Run Down

Mind On The Road

Rev. Run is on the roaad with Kid Rock doing tours.... Justine and the kids miss him. Well, he is on the road he sign on to do a recording deal with a London base company.

Justine explains to Run how she feels about Russy being controlling of Miley and making her feel like a bad mom
Rev comes home for a couple of days. And while home he talks to Russy about being controlling of Miley

Finally Russy apologizes.... Rev is getting calls from the Pastry office cause the girls wont answer the phone so he sends Jojo to LA.
When he gets there he just parties it up but gets the job done

Boneless Chicken Dinner

The show starts of with V&A shopping in LA. During this time Vanessa is getting "annoyed" by Angela

The girls return home to meet with the Pastry office, but Vanessa wants to do her own thing

Russy is preparing meals for his dad to show him how much he loves him

Rev. says he is going to name is album Boneless Chicken

Vanessa decided to go shopping with her stylist friend without Angela

When she returns there is a "staged" fight between them. Rev says a couple words to the girls and they work it out and go get a bite to get...

Justine & Rev decide to get healthier

The show was good, just like always but the new star is Miley. She looks so adorable in her burberry shirts. Did you peep V&A purse game. Oh me no likey Vanessa "new look"

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K'isha said...

I am sooo stoked that Run's House is Back! I am so excited about the girls getting their Apartment in Los Angeles. I think its the same place where LC (Lauren Conrad)and Aundrina of the hills resided. Angela's new look is really cute her hair is nice and bouncy and what about her Red Porsche...Perfect for LA! Anyways, I love 'em all. Getting Rev's messages daily is such a Blessing; I look forward to them everyday. God Is Love-KatoMatay :)