If i had...

a 15 minute shopping spree at the Louis Vuitton store in the Galleria in Dallas I would buy these top items in a blink of an eye....1. Muget Thong Sandals $495
I love sandals and these particular ones exudes luxury and comfort at the same time
2. Monogram mini lin croisette Martina GM bag $1620
I always need a new handbag and the bigger the better

3. Monogram inclusion bracelet GM $400
Diamonds are some girls best friends mine is a bracelet with a touch of jazz all over

4. Pastilles Phone Accessory $205
The iphone needs love too...LOL

5. Monogram Canvas Galliera Gm $1410
A girl can never have to much monogram in her life...LOL

So ladies & gents if you had 5 minutes in your fave store what you grab & why...