Summer hair styles

As the heat rise, the more I want to shed anything to make me feel a little more light weight. Instead of shedding clothes like most people I chop off my hair just like that. I feel that it can just grown back. I am not my hair...LOL. Well, this summer I have decided to let it grow out and stop perming it. (I go through hair phases) I went browsing through website and I have found several cute looks for you to try.


Try a sexy sleek ponytail with bangs to wear while running errands or just a look to try while out with the girls.

As a little girl I remember my momma use to braid my hair like this all the time and I thought it was boring. But the braided look is back with several different updated looks

Classic Looks
A roller set works very well if you want to get up and go type of girl. You can sweep the bangs to the side or have regular bangs. This look would be really cute if you are looking for a job.

I really like this shoulder length cut along with color. The layers, cut and various colors work very well with her.

short cuts

Cutting it all off is one of the trends that celebs are following from Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Keyisha Cole, Monica & Toccara and many more. This is a really good look if you have the right shaped head. Honestly, I would never go short again cause I couldn't put my hair in a ponytail.

I promise after I consultant my natraul hue friends I will do a post on dreads and natuarl hairstyles. Since, I really don't know much about the maintenance or anything else. But our hair is high maintenance anyways...LOL

8 Great Best-Kept Hair Secrets from the Experts
from essence magazine

1. BAMBI MONTGOMERY, owner of Honeychild Salon and Spa
"Use a very ripe avocado as a preshampoo conditioning treatment. Massage onto your hair, leave in for an hour, shampoo and rinse. You will be surprised how shiny it will leave your hair."

2. OSCAR JAMES, celebrity hairstylist
"During touch-up time you can prevent overprocessing by applying conditioner to the relaxed portion of the hair, leaving the new growth untouched. The conditioner acts as a barrier inthe event that any of the relaxer comes into contact with the processed hair."

3. DERRICK SCURRY, stylist
"To soften even the most coarse or kinky hair, try Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme ($58, It moisturizesd and makes hair silky in seconds."

4. CHRIS CRENSHAW, stylist
" "Never use plastic bristle brushes on relaxed hair. They can scratch and tear an already weak cuticle. Use a wide-tooth comb to maintain a healthier hair shaft."

5. CHUCK AMOS, celebrity stylist
"For the smoothest hairline, use a firm toothbrush. Small bristles ae perfect for handling flyaways. Add a touch of hair spray or gel before you brush."

6. EDRIS NICHOLLS, salon owner and stylist
"To style curly hair, try aloe vera gel. It provides a buffer against harsh, dry environmental elements. Add a few drops of olive, grapeseed or avocado oil to it, and you have a great leave-in conditioning treatment."

7. ROXANNA FLOYD, makeup artist
"I wore the same hairstyle for 14 years. Buying a cute wig was a way to experiment without cutting my hair. I get my wigs from Now I never have a bad hair day.

8. RODNEY BARNETT, certified trichologist
"There is a direct relationship between a flaky scalp and poor bowel elimination. Increase your fiber intake to correct this problem."
My tips for hair

1. Stick to one hairstyle that works for you, if you feel that aren't listening to what you want explain that and if doesn't change find someone new

2. Also know what you want or something like and stick to it. Don't let someone tell you otherwise. If you have been wanting that bob and think it works for you go for it. Don't be confined to one look.

3. Deep Condition your hair anytime you can. It helps your hair more than you realize

4. Use less heat as possible & if you do use heat try using heat protection products along with it.

5. NOT every product is for you. I remember my mom ALWAYS you pink lotion, perm repair, dark and lovely and motions on us. And now all I use is Kare Care products for almost everything.

I promise after I consultant my natraul hue friends I will do a post on dreads and natuarl hairstyles. Since, I really don't know much about the maintenance or anything else. But our hair is high maintenance anyways...LOL. For more information about product you can visit sites such as motions, carol daughters, or essence

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