OMG... i missed my 1 year anniversary

OMG... in the midst of blogging & updating the look, I realized that I hadn't celebrated my 1 year anniversary of me starting this blog. The reason I got started blogging is because I need to vent and I need a hobby. Actually, my ex boyfriend was always saying that I need to find something I love and focus on that & stop nagging him. (thank god for my ex or you guys wouldn't have me...LMFAO) So, I brought all the stuff I love into one place where I could always find it. It might not be want you want, but this is my home and my love. I hope you have enjoyed the information that I have brought you & if you have any request just hit me up

PS... I am a real SGM girl....LMFAO go check thedirty to see what I am talking about