Summer Dresses

A loyal reader requested that I do a feature on summer dresses, because of the comfortability and the fact that dresses are really easy to dress up or dress down. I did some searching and I found dress from Forever 21 to dress from Hollywould. So no matter what the price range there is a pick for you.

Coral Josephine Dress $395
Coral Leaf Sylvie Dress $395

Black Leaf Victoire Dress $795

A majority of the dresses come in a different color or a different style. All the dresses are really forming to a womens body. Along wtih that when you click on the image it gives you accessories to go with it.

Okay, you may not know I have a love/hate relationship with Forever 21. I love them because I can get the things I want from them for a cheap price, but the fact that ripped off a designers designs irrates me. Remember DVF & Gwen are suing them for straight jacking their swag

Miniheart Dress $198.00

Terry Tube Dress $128.00

Shirred Terry $110.00

Juicy is one of my favorite lines because of the comfort and it gives I just woke up and throw this on look. Also, because their tracksuits are so comfy and they are the perfect run errands but look cute outfit.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Tuvallu Jeresry Dress $325.00

Maui Silk Patio Dress $445.00

Sateen Trim Dress $345.00

This season DVF got everything right in book just like past seasons. She has added a notch to her belt on revamping her claim to fame the wrap dress and she has added more safari and tribal prints to the collection. You can check out more dress and other items at DVF. Best believe when that sale hits neimans I will be there scooping these up for half the price

MNG by Mango

VFL Amelia Dress $139.00

RCC Mary Dress $89.00

MNG by mango is a line that started over seas and had a cult following. Its like how people love Marc Jacbs in the United States. There are hundrerds of stores over seas and some in the US. If you live in Dallas there is one on Northpark. Their dress selection is amazing. Just want to point out it based on European sizes. Like I wear a 6 in their clothes and I normally wear a 2 or 4.

Smocked Racer back $ 39.95

Satin Sash Dress $54.40

Tropical Linen Shift $59.50

If you ever want basic Gap has your back. They have great dresses then they will make them in a multitude of colors. And I will be buying that racer top dress in pink....

I hope I gave you big enough selection to select from. If I didn't please let me know what you are looking for and I'll try to put something together for you. Stay Fab


Angie said...

Wow..! Awesome collection of beautiful summer dresses. I want to see them in my closet.

Anya said...

Fabulous collection..! All those summer dresses are marvelous.