Websites that LOVE bags just like me

I am a bag whore and I know it. Long as I have a great bag on my arm my outfits gonna look like a million bucks and I believe this. Cause I am normally in work clothes or keeping it low key in some jeans and a white v-neck. Well, I thought it would be great to list websites that help you find the right bag or that just give more information on that bag you want.

1. Bagsnob. First, this two woman are from the Dallas area and they provide knowleabgle information on bags. Such on the varies types of Hermes to what is the right bag for you. And they are always having monthly contest for the visitors.

2. Purse Blog. Is a website ran by a happy couple that travels every five seconds from what i read on the website. But they keep us well informed on the limited LV bags and they also have a forum for members to discuss topics such as; how to shop on ebay and how do you spot a fake.

3. Bagbliss. I stumbled on this blog about two weeks ago and it really one of my faves. Because she doesn't just showcase designer fabs she does bags that are less da da price. And the website always is VERY well informed on the bag. And I love when she compares the fakes to real one.

Oh by the way thats the bag I want if anyone wants to get it for my birthday :)