10 things I am craving right now

Earlier I admitted that I am a bag whore, so while i am at it I might as well mention that I a magazine whore too.... LOL. Well, anyways I love how they always have 365 ways to this or 254 ways to revamp that. So, I decided I was gonna do my own 10 things I am craving right now.

1. Tunics

I love the causal feel you get with these tops on. Here are two picks. One from Tory Burch the Queen of the tunic and the other from Hollister.


I am a sandal whore too. I am whore when comes to fashion cause I have to have it around all the time or i will suffocate from the lack of it. Well, anyways everyone that knows that I really dont like heels cause i just dont but I have over 40 pair of sandals kinda funny. Me and VB are complete opposites. I just got two new pair one Steve Madden and the other is a Baker.

3. Water proof masacra

I know thats kinda of funny, but my pink and green kind aint cutting no more and I need something that will and I think I found her replacement. LANCOME

4. Scarves

Okay... I love wearing a scarf on my head when I want to make a statement and I also just wear it cause I don't feel like doing my hair. I have a couple and my faves are my Burberry (got it on sale at saks) and Alexander McQueen.

5. Jimmy choo cluch or bag

Which ever one I can win on ebay or find on hautelook for a reasonable price will be mine. But i do want a clutch even though I know I won't carry it...LOL. My life is in my handbag and a clutch would only be able to carry a third of it.

6. One piece swimsuit

Okay... i am gonna let you in a little secret.... I cant swim. I never learned. Ill get in the pool but I wont go past 5 feet cause I am not drowning or getting my hair soaked for anyone. But I really do want a one piece to rock. Cause I am planning a trip to Miami for the end of the summer.

7. The MAXI dress.

This type of dress has been getting rave reviews from everybody. You can google it and receive tons of articles or place to buy. But I am bias so i went straight to Diane Von Frustenburg

8. KLS

Okay, ya'll know I can't stand that damn cat, but I heart KLS. It is the refine big sister to Baby Phat and I believe every design Kimora would don herself. Plus, I truly love the KLS line. Even though it is over priced.

9. Texas necklace
I am a Texas girl all the way and this necklace proves my loyalty to my great big state.

10. A Vacation....