Kicks for ur guy

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Okay, I might be the only one who admits to this but I check out a guys kicks before I really check out anything else. I feel that it shows if he is 1) fashionable 2) clean & 3) if he cares about his stuff. So, lets look at some hot kicks.


is one of my fave designer for laid back kicks... image via concreteloop, but you can get at Barney's


is hot in the streets... Kanye loves them (high top via Barney's) , so I guess everyone else will be jumping on the band wagon


is keeping it causal but very stylist... NM

I heart these, because FILA made a replica of them. And everyone knows that a comp. but at same time can you be more creative. via NM


has the best selection since their revamp. Please go shop at Gucci to see what I am talking about love the green and white.

Enough said....

Well if your man is not into fashion like you, then you can just gifting the J's or Creative Rec's....