Cool websites

I am always on the internet looking at cool fashion blogs or just website that mention things I like. So, today when I was at Barnes & Nobles going through magazine I found several website that give individual deep discounts for making purchases.

This website is another zappos, but a little better. They receive items from bluefly & zappos when the item is out of season and they will no longer carry it. Also, they have a sale going on this week. Brands: Marc Jacobs, Steve Madden, Besty Johnson, Cole Haan & way more.

Dailycandy is a website that gives you information regarding whats hot in select cities. You click on the city that you find intriguing and then you click on food, sports, clothes or whatever you are interested in. Also, you can sign up for an email just in case you can't make it to the website when you want. You can go when you see an email that information that you think is interesting.

DDB is a very popular sample sale that celebrities, stylist, publicisit and the regular individual attend. The catch is it is INVITE only. So, no regular joe can walk off the street and purose 40+ high designers. You will also be around nearly 4,000+ shoppers. DDB is only 7 years old but is going strong. Membership is $100 dollars, but think about all the savings you get when you go shopping at one of these events.

The name say it all. The website consist of coupons, codes, deals & savings. They have various companies to chose from. Furthermore, with you can recieve free sample size. It might be the real size but that saves you some money on fabric softener until it runs out and its FREE.

Is the BIGGEST traveling denim wholesale event. The event started in the California. It is also an invite only event, but you can sign up on the website. The denim sale travels around the United States and has different event in different cities. And all the items are way below wholesale pricing.